REVIEW: Mad Gringo Hot Sauce – Deadly Inferno


Mad Gringo Hot Sauce - Deadly Inferno

I met Jordan Engman at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo.  He was scouting out the show for next year.  I think he was pleasantly surprised enough to want to come back with his new company, Mad Gringo Hot Sauce out of Barrie, Ontario Canada.  In our exchange, Jordan expressed to me a desire to do a review down the road.  We are now standing on that road and ready to do a review for Mr Engman.   Our review team consists of New Mexico’s Fiber Joe, my Leesburg, Virginia neighbors, the Schobergs and the New Jersey newbie with his first official ILIS review, Josh Bruner aka J-bru.  Before we get to the video reviews, here is a little about Mad Gringo Hot Sauce from Jordan himself as pictured below.


The Mad Gringo Story

I left the advertising world to travel South America. While in Mendoza Argentina, I rediscovered my true passion for cooking and realized that going back to a desk job and selling advertising was never going to be an option again. I realized that life was not just about making money but about friends, family and doing what you love.

I had $50 to my name when I started making hot sauce back in February 2012 and I have grown the company to 5 retail locations, 2 local markets and have been featured on television and in newspapers in my first eight months since launching Mad Gringo line of sauces. I pour my heart and soul into the company everyday and  all profits go back into the business.


Fiber Joe

The Schobergs


Mad Gringo Hot Sauce
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