REVIEW: Hellfire Hot Sauce – Devil’s Gold

Devil's Gold label

Hellfire’s Devil’s Gold won a 1st place Screaming Mi Mi Award at the 1st ever NYC Hot Sauce Expo for the Fruit Based Hot Sauce category. Not a bad way to start off with a limited edition hot sauce. For those that have not followed us last year, we have year end awards called the Lenny Awards. Hellfire Hot Sauce won for best product line for their reviews for 4 of their products – Evil Bastard, Devil’s Blend, Pure Hell and their Blueberry Hell. So I imagine they are looking to recreate the magic with 4 more hot sauces. This is the first, and we will post the other 3 hot sauces over the next 3 weeks. For these reviews we have Steve “The Machine” Smallwood out of Ohio, Ryan Graub from Missouri, and Steve Chambers from Maryland.

The Machine

Ryan Graub

Steve Chambers

Hellfire Hot Sauce
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  • July 19, 2013 at 11:36 am

    Enjoyed the reviews, guys. Everyone had good observations and suggestions. I thought Ryan made some especially compelling points. The multi-reviewer format continually demonstrates its value to producers and consumers alike.

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