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Sinclair's Fatalii Hot Sauce

We have 3 products to review for this Central Pennsylvania sauce company, and upon doing this first review I got a bit of an education. I thought the good people of Sweet Heat Gourmet got the spelling wrong for their fatalii pepper hot sauce. I was under the impression that this chile pepper was correctly spelled thusly as fatali. In my search, I found no such spelling on wikipedia, only under fatalii. Yet, there is spellings for both throughout the world, and who am I to argue with which way is correct. Much like chile, chili, and/or chilli pepper is spelt all 3 ways, I even found spellings for this pepper as faatali and fatalli. Each day of our lives is a new lesson. School is over, now let us get to our review.

Our review team consists of Texas boy Don Lava, Tennessee’s own, Dale Gilbert and the boys from Bama, RevTommy2tone & his pepper partner Rick Averyt. Next week we will be reviewing Sweet Heat Gourmet’s Pineapple & Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce and finish up with their Moruga Hot Sauce the week after that. Before we get to this review, let us learn a little about Sweet Heat Gourmet as told by their creator, Micelle “Shellie” Mierwald…

Hello, my name is Shellie, and welcome to Sweet Heat Gourmet! The concept for my company began while I earned my degree in Culinary Arts at the Pennsylvania College of Technology. While attending a catering class taught by Chef Mike Ditchfield, I was a student manager with a couple of my friends and fellow students for an event held at the Williamsport Grower’s Market. We gathered donations from the different vendors, developed recipes with the donations, and returned and served the public free food. It was a wonderful event that both the local vendors and the public enjoyed. I had a blast getting to know the vendors and learning about their products, and began thinking of a way that I could learn more about local foods in my own area and how I could use this in combination with my culinary degree.
After graduation, I began kicking around some ideas with family and friends. I had also just began learning how to can at home, and I made a batch of mango hot sauce, and gave out samples to friends and family. It was a hit, and my creative wheels began spinning. I also had begun learning about local foods in my area, and then I had that “aha!” moment, why not make gourmet sauces made with local fruits and produce? It was a perfect combination.

I then began the planning stages of opening a booth at a local farmers market in the spring. I remember thinking I would just can some sauces in mason jars and sell them at a small table at the farmers market, I thought it would be that easy! Needless to say, it was a little more work than that. Within 6 months, I had my line of sauces and gourmet products packaged and ready to sell. I was thrilled to be accepted to two local markets, and invited to be a vendor at a garden show.

I also began using local fruits and produce from local vendors. On the back of each Sweet Heat bottle or jar you can find where most of the ingredients came from, with information about where to find out more information. I also advertise their business on my webpage in an effort to raise as much awareness about local foods as possible.

If you’re reading about my company from somewhere else beyond Central PA, look into purchasing local foods in your area. People are often surprised at what they can find being produced in their own back yard. Check out crop shares, go to local markets and talk to the farmers. It’s great to know exactly where your food comes from, and you’ll be supporting local businesses in your area!

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my company. I hope you decide to learn more about local foods in your area! If you have any comments, questions, ideas for sauces or items you’d like to see offered, just fill out the forum under “Contact Us“. I’m learning a lot about different dietary needs such as gluten free, vegan, etc., and I’m always glad to get some feedback or new ideas. Hope to see you at the market!

Don Lava

Revtommy2tone & Rick Averyt

Dale Gilbert

Sweet Heat Gourmet
Phone: (814) 441-0383
Email: sh*******@gm***.com
Facebook: CLICK ME

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