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Madison Chocolatiers West

I scream, you scream, we all scream for………Chocolate!!!! Okay, I know that the rhyme ends with ice cream, but we both know it should end with chocolate! Who doesn’t love chocolate – rich and creamy, as soothing for a stressful day as it is smooth on the tongue. It is the elixir of love, the recipe for relaxation, and the source of smiles for young and old around the world!

Madison Chocolatiers West, a small company specializing in producing creative chocolates and confections, is the labor of love for Renee Rohrbach and Chef Ricky Sanders. Their national and international award winning recipes push the envelope of creativity and flavor, using only the best ingredients in crazily unique ways! From Dark Chocolate Tangerine Truffles to Chile Pepper and Bacon infused Butter Toffee, Ricky and Renee paint your palate with flavor and fun. They even have a wonderful creation using a Szechuan flower to enhance the flavor! And it comes with instructions!

In their latest creative success, Madison Chocolatier’s growing line of sweet, spicy hot confections has taken the ever growing spicy food and hot sauce industry by storm. Using some of the world’s most exotic peppers, they have created incredible pepper infused chocolates and caramels to please almost any palate- from mild to “Oh My”!!!

With all that creativity and chocolaty goodness going on, it is no wonder that The Madison Chocolatier’s West is experiencing growing pains. Having partnered with gourmet chocolate retailers and spicy food manufacturers nationwide, they are needing some new equipment and software to keep up with increasing demand and speed up the production of new and existing products.

So why help kickstart this wonderful couple and company? Why, it’s the Ying and Yang of it all! You help Renee and Ricky, they help other small companies grow, and you get….you guessed it…..Chocolate!!! And more!!!! And of course, the satisfaction of knowing that you had your hand in their success….and chocolate!!!! (Okay, maybe not your hand in the chocolate for real, cause that would be unsanitary and gross, but you get the picture!!!)

The Madison Chocolatier’s goal of $20,000 will be used to purchase a new tempering machine, an enrober for processing chocolate and a software program that allows the analysis and inclusion of nutritional info on their products.

The rewards (What’s in it for you!):

$5.00 You get a very cool Madison Chocolatier’s magnet and a thank you on their web page.

$10.00 Choice of 1 of our specialty chocolate bars, and a magnet.

$25.00 2 Jars of our caramel sauce and a magnet. Trust me, this sauce is amazing!

$30.00 Chef’s Choice Box of Chocolates and a magnet. These 15 piece boxes may contain test products or just released products. Move over, Forrest Gump!

$50.00 Chef’s Choice box of Chocolates, 2 jars of caramel sauce and a magnet.

$75.00 One unique T-Shirt, (picture to come) Chef’s Choice Box of Chocolates and magnet.

$100.00 T-Shirt, 2 jars of caramel sauce, Chef’s Choice Chocolates and magnet.

$500.00 2 T-Shirts, 6 months supply of Chocolate. And unlike Forrest, you know you’re getting something special- for 6 months!!!!

$1000.00 2 T-Shirts, and…wait for it……a 1-year supply of Chocolates and Confections. Forrest’s dear old momma would be so proud!

$5000.00 Ricky and Renee will come to you and do a Wine and Chocolate tasting with you and 10 of your closest friends. Heck, invite Forrest to come along!!

Even if you are not in the position to pledge money, you can help spread the word using Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin. Thank you for your support.

We look forward to sharing with you what we do best- Spreading Chocolate Love!

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