Fire Dawgs review Sanchez Specialties’ Sweet Salsas

Sanchez Specialties' Sweet Salsa

A few days away from the Houston Hot Sauce Festival where yours truly will be sampling over 70 salsas from different companies across the US. One of those salsa companies contributing to our salsa contest to raise money for the Snowdrop Foundation is Sanchez Specialties. We are very grateful for their participation. We are also fortunate to have our Fire Dawgs do a review of their Medium and Hot styles of Sweet Salsa. In this Fire Dawg review we have our fierceless salsa leader Chief Miguel along with Taylor and Mark. As taken from the Sanchez Specialties website, here is a little background about this Wisconsin salsa company…

The Sanchez Specialties Story:

It all started 15 years ago, when I came across an old recipe for sweet salsa. We had a huge garden at the time, so I made it. We liked it, but I tweaked it, added, subtracted, adjusted until I had a salsa that was really spectacular! For ten years, I made it and gave it away to friends and family. Eventually we opened a small grocery store in Almond Wisconsin, the town we live in. It was the perfect place to debut our salsa to the public. We designed a label, got a registered trade mark, and started producing. Boy did it sell! We sold 12 cases in the first 6 weeks we were opened, and that was by word of mouth alone. Our store eventually closed but the interest in the salsa never died. So this is our chance to get it out there again. This is not a Chipolte chili, which is so popular these days, but it is even better! For those of you who have had it before, you will notice the new label. The salsa is the same great addicting taste you are used to. It is available in Mild, Medium and Hot. Our slogan is ” First you taste the sweet, then you feel the heat!” The sweetness helps you tolerate the heat, so if you like spicy foods, you may be able to handle the hot. If you are not sure, buy the medium first, and adjust either way the next time you buy.

Sanchez Specialties
PO Box 68
Almond, Wisconsin 54909
Email: sa***@sa****************.com
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