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Mad Gringo Hot Sauce - Deadly Inferno

Mad Gringo Hot Sauce is a quality artisan product created with hard work and a passion for spicy food.

Mad Gringo Hot Sauce is an amazing pure pepper Sauce with 3 awesome flavours. My Sauces

Mad Gringo Hot Sauce is my baby!

I left the advertising world to travel South America. While in Mendoza Argentina, I rediscovered my true passion for cooking and realized that going back to a desk job and selling advertising was never going to be an option again. I realized that life was not just about making money but about friends, family and doing what you love.

I had $50 to my name when I started making hot sauce back in February 2012 and I have grown the company to 5 retail locations, 2 local markets and have been featured on television and in newspapers in my first eight months since launching Mad Gringo line of sauces. I pour my heart and soul into the company everyday and  all profits go back into the business.

Why I need YOUR help!

In order to grow my company, I need to mass produce Mad Gringo Hot Sauce. Currently, I make all of the sauce in a friend’s commercial kitchen in small batches during non-service hours. I can make enough on my own to ensure my current retail locations are happy and make enough Mad Gringo Hot Sauce for my farmers markets, but I have reached my limit. Mass production will allow me to meet demand for my products, attend trade shows and allow me to dedicate more time to sales in order to grow the brand.

Our Goals:

$5,000 will allow me to make a full pallet of my sauces, via a co-packer, and give me inventory to expand my retail market across North America.

At $25,000 (our first stretch goal), I will be able to produce all 3 sauces plus my all new Mad Gringo Midnight Harvest sauce. This will also allow me to expand marketing to promote my brand.

At $120,000 Vegas BABY!!!!! (Just kidding) I will be able to hire full-time staff and continue to grow the brand.

With your help, I will be able to reach these goals and bring the message of Mad Gringo Hot Sauce to the world.

This gringo dislikes processed garbage foods and I want to give all of my customers a natural and healthy product. In fact, all of Mad Gringo Hot Sauces are gluten free, low in calories, carbs, sodium and fat. They contain no cholesterol and are all vegetarian. No extracts, no additives, just flavorful peppers and natural ingredients.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

I have already secured a co-packer and have paid initial fees for FDA approval. My challenge has been acheiving mass production to accommodate large orders from major retail locations. This funding will allow that to happen.


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