2013 Houston Hot Sauce Festival: Fiber Joe interviews Stretch of Grinder’s Signature Sauces

The first time I got a chance to meet Stretch from Grinder’s was at the 2013 Fiery Food Show in Albq, NM. There was this dude walking the show with a backpack full of sauce strapped to his back, introducing himself to all the different vendors and sharing his sauces with as many people as he could. He put this bottle of “Death Sauce” on Cajohn’s counter for everyone to try. As I watched everyone walk away in tears gasping for air, I said to myself I’ve got to meet this dude. About 10 minutes later he walked up to me and my boys and said “Hey you guys want some sauce?” He proceeded to pull out a bottle of each one of his signature sauces and gave a bottle of each to me and each one of my boys. We got to talking and he told me if I was ever in Kansas City to stop by and check out his restaurant GRINDER’S and GRINDER’S WEST, which by chance are right next door to each other. So 6 months later when I was in Kansas City I did so. With specially brewed beers, specialty pizzas, specialty sandwiches, totally kick ass wings, and a most awesome staff I’m glad I did. If you are ever in Kansas City you need to check this dude out. You won’t be sorry.

About Stretch Rumaner

Owner and Operator of Grinder’s and Grinder’s West in Kansas City, MO the Art District of Kansas City.

Besides being an awesome sculptor he makes a kick ass pizza.

Grinders food has been featured on Food Networks hit shows, Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives and Guys Big Bite. Get a little taste of Grinders at home with our Signature hot sauce line.

Grinders Signature Hot Sauces have won 2014 Scovie Awards!!! Wimpy Sauce won BEST Mild/Med Wing Sauce & Best Product Label (Gear Smith). Near Death Sauce won Most outrageous label (Arian Gimbutas) & Banana Rat Wing Sauce won 3rd for Most Outrageous Label (Donald Ross Scribe). Congrats everyone!!

At the 2013 Houston Hot Sauce Festival I got a chance to meet Stretch again and asked if he wanted to do an interview and he said hell yeah. This is that interview.

Grinder’s Pizza & Signature Sauces
417 E 18th St
Kansas City, MO 64108
Grinder’s Facebook: CLICK ME
Stretch’s Facebook: CLICK ME TOO


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