Buddah’s Spicy Diet Journey – Week 11

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See that picture of me. It was taken when I was letting my emotions get the better of me. It happens to each one of us, especially when we are dieting. What do we do when life has a strangle hold on our psyche? It isn’t easy staying on course when you are trying to lose weight and you eat to make yourself feel better. Anyone who has ever been there knows that satisfied feeling is fleeting. A temporary fix much like a drug-induced euphoria. I share some tips on what to do in my new video to avoid emotional eating. Hopefully, you can use this knowledge to your advantage if it happens to you on your diet.

One thought on “Buddah’s Spicy Diet Journey – Week 11

  • October 24, 2013 at 7:49 pm

    Wow Buddah, great job. I’m so happy to hear this is going so well and that you are sticking to the plan. Especially a “yea!!” for the smaller jeans! That’s gotta feel awesome 🙂

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