2013 Houston Hot Sauce Festival: Fiber Joe Interviews Hot Line Pepper Products

Hot Line Pepper Products

Hot Line Pepper Products is a family owned business based in Spring, Texas that takes pride in creating quality, gourmet, custom blended hot sauces. We fire roast our chiles to bring out the full flavor with a slight natural sweetness from the caramelization. Our products are all natural and do not contain any sweeteners, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Hot Line Pepper Products hot sauces are meant to enhance and compliment your food.

The hot sauces range in heat levels from mild to extra hot. Starting with our mildest, “Garlicky Greengo” then “Evil Ooze” and “Hatchanero” and the “Ghost Pepper Sauce” being the hottest. We are all about the flavor with a variety of heat levels to please every palate. Our Mission is to offer products with amazing flavor profiles allowing our customers to be creative with endless possibilities of improving whatever they are cooking by adding Hot Line Pepper Products

This was my last interview that I did at the Houston show, but not the least. I’ve been following Kerry’s post on Facebook for the last year now. Watching him post different pictures of food that he has made with his products, I have been dying to try them and I finally got a chance to try them at the Houston show, and for sure was not disappointed. I got a chance to cook with a few of Kerry’s sauces and enjoyed everyone of them. I added his Garlicky Gringo to my normal chile verde recipe, and let me tell you the extra garlic flavor and the extra amount of heat just made my verde pop out more, just an awesome awesome sauce. I really enjoyed all of the sauces Kerry had out there and I think you will to. Check out the video and give them a try.

Hot Line Pepper Product’s: http://hotlinepepperproducts.com/
Hot Line Pepper Product’s Facebook: CLICK ME

2 thoughts on “2013 Houston Hot Sauce Festival: Fiber Joe Interviews Hot Line Pepper Products

  • December 10, 2013 at 11:34 pm

    luv that they are all-natural. thanks for this review as well – been seeing their name around some blogs, etc. Being from Rochester, NY it’s sometime tough to catch wind of some of the smaller producers. This is really helpful cuz we’re building out our line of all-natural, organic and gluten free products. I’d love to try this out and look into carrying it. http://www.peppernutz.com

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