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What is the POP in your hot sauce?

In a time when others are racing to cultivate the hottest pepper and make the hottest sauce; one small batch hot sauce producer is asking—what about the flavor?


Westerville, OH, January 9, 2014:


As the race to cultivate the hottest pepper continues CaJohns Fiery Foods is encouraging consumers to look at how much actual pepper is in the hot sauce bottle. CaJohns Fiery Foods recently assessed their hot sauces for POP: percentage of pepper.  Each recipe was evaluated and the results are posted on ‘Our pepper mash sets us apart,’ stated John ‘CaJohn’ Hard.  He credits the mash as the secret behind his success.  When you start with fresh peppers instead of fermented mash &/or extract, the sauces explode with flavor and fire. 

Here is a list of a few of our sauces:


CaJohns Hot Sauce                                     Percentage of Peppers (POP)

Cayenne w/Garlic                       30%

Reaper Slingblade                       51%

Trinidad Moruga                          53%

Angry Cock                                  75%


Now this isn’t to say CaJohn’s can’t bring on the extract heat.  Even the extract sauces have a fresh pepper mash component; a perennial favorite, Black Mamba has a POP of 65%

Have more questions about POP? Just ask CaJohn when you see him in Irving,Texas for ZestFest 2014.

CaJohns Fiery Foods is a small batch salsa, hot sauce and barbeque sauce manufacturer in Westerville, OH. We use only the finest of ingredients and produce in small batches to maintain the highest quality. This attention to quality has enabled us to achieve over 650 International, National and Regional awards.


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