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porcus infernum


In 2012 we unleashed the infernal hog and it has propelled us from a tiny little proprietorship focused on serving local bars, restaurants and local BBQ joints to a growing, but still small, corporation that enjoys some of the most rabid, enthusiastic customers from around the globe.

We do not try to be all things to all people … our sauces are as unique and varied as the fantastic people whose palates find them agreeable. At the end of the day it boils down to personal preference and individual taste. We hope you enjoy our creations just a fraction as much as we have enjoyed creating them and using them in our own dishes.

Loosely translated “the infernal pig,” it shouldn’t take much imagination to guess what’s inside:

That’s right, baby … bacon hot sauce!

You are looking at what one sauce maker referred to as “the holy grail of hot sauces” … a bacon flavored hot sauce that actually tastes awesome! Many have tried, but we were blessed to be the first to craft a perfect balance of flavor, and a level of complexity without being too busy or fragmented on the palate. This sauce smells amazing and tastes even better.

We combine the flavors of pork, peppers, spices, a blend of chiles to bring you big ol’ buttload of culinary decadence!

Uses: Among our most versatile sauces, this sauce goes great on almost anything! In addition to being a wildly popular addition to a delicious Bloody Mary, it also goes great on burgers, brats, pulled pork, steak, eggs, omelets, chicken, lasagna … and much, much more!  Also the key ingredient in Voodoo Bacon wings!

This sauce will NOT disappoint!

The reviewers are Fiber Joe, G, and Revtommy2tone & Rick


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