NYC Hot Sauce Expo Preview

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Just in case you did not notice the Ticklemaster part of the above ticket, it is fake.  There is no ticket for $499.99, so please do not panic!  The time to panic is when you enter one of the many scheduled events at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo.  Such as the Puckerbutt Guinness Book of World Records Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper pepper eating record for 1 minute.  A slight change from last year’s 3 pepper eating and done display.  That will end the show on Sunday.

Then there is our 3rd Annual Fiery Pizza Eating Contest co-sponsored with our friends at Volcanic Peppers and the infamous Grimaldi’s Pizzeria.  Each contestant will get a Volcanically Enhanced Grimaldi’s pizza that they have to eat in a pre-determined amount of time.  The first one finished or eats the most will be declared the winner and get this beautiful trophy…

Fiery Pizza Trophy 2 angles

The Other Scheduled events for Saturday 4/25 are as follows:

10 AM – Doors

12 PM – Stoli Vodka Demo

1 PM – Grimaldi’s Pizza Eating Contest
Presented by Volcanic Peppers & I Love It Spicy

2 PM – Spicy Taco Eating Contest
Presented by Heart Breaking Dawns

3 PM – Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Presented by: High River Sauces, Chile Pepper Magazine, Endorphin Farms &

4 PM – Screaming Mi Mi Awards Show

5PM – B-Dub’s Blazin’ Challenge
Presented by Buffalo Wild Wings

6 PM

2015 Screaming Mi Mi Award Categories:

Louisiana Style
Fruit Based
Fruit Based Hot
All Natural
XXX Hot Sauce (Non Extract)
Pepper Blend
Best Hot Sauce Label Artwork

Additional Categories:
Chicken Wing
Spicy BBQ
Spicy Salsa

Screaming Mi Mi Awards Show will be done live on April 25th at the 3rd Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo.


The last event for Saturday is the 1st year for Buffalo Wild Wings as the sponsor for their Blazin’ Challenge.  Many Chileheads have conquered it, but who will be the fasting to eat them and be the 1st ever crowning champion?

We also want to mention the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony which will be my highlight for the event as I get to introduce one of the legends into the Hall of Fame who had one the biggest impacts on me being a Chilehead years before ever going to my first show and doing my first spicy review.  I will be posting who was selected Saturday at 4:30pm, so be sure to come back and see the results.

The Sunday schedule is also action packed…I do believe their will be an Ice Cream challenge filling up one of the earlier spots and looks like it will be sponsored by  Bonfatto’s Wing Sauces & Marinades with their Spice Cream & Zane & Zack’s World Famous Honey Company who I am sure will raise the level of heat with some of their creative wizardry.

Check out the rest of the action for Sunday 4/26

10 AM – Doors

12 PM – Stoli Vodka Demo

1 PM – Burrito Eating Contest
Presented by High River Sauces

2 PM – Bloody Mary Mix Down – NYC Championship
Presented by Stoli Vodka, Murphs Bloody Mary Mix & High River Sauces

4 PM – Puckerbutt Pepper Company
Presents The Guinness Book of Records

Smokin’ Ed’s Reaper Pepper Eating Challenge – Guinness World Record Event!!

6 PM

If you want to see what is going down at the Expo and can not make it, then please check out what the Clifton Chilli Club is doing on the LIVE FEED from their YouTube Channel.  You can watch the various contests/challenges and even catch the induction ceremony and see who are the first 5 inductees into the inaugural Hot Sauce Hall of Fame.  Here are the 2 daily links:

The LIVE Streams will start at 12 PM EST each day and run through 6 PM.

Saturday Live Feed Link:

Sunday Live Feed Link:

April 24th & 25th
Brooklyn Expo Center
79 Franklin St.
Brooklyn, NY 11222
For more information about the NYC Hot Sauce Expo please contact Steve Seabury: se*******@op*******.net

Official website:



Vendors attending the Expo will be:


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