REVIEW: Dashelitos – Sweet Heat, Red Honey, & Green Fire

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All Natural Hot Sauces with Flavor

Dashelito’s hot sauce is made in Wisconsin in small batches especially for you by Robert Grether and named after his son Dashel! Dashelito’s products use no preservatives or chemical additives. Chances are that you don’t use ingredients like xanthan gum in your kitchen and neither do we.


To inspire food! Great on everything from rice dishes to pizza! Heat level varieties to satisfy all taste buds..Smokin’ Hot (mild) to Sweet Heat (sweet) to Green Fire (spicy) to (extra spicy) Bourbonaro & Red Honey. Available at Grocery Stores & Restaurants through Southern Wisconsin. Find Dashelito’s hot sauce near you or order online!


Please try our all natural hot and less hot sauces: Bourbonaro Sweet Potato, Red Honey Habanero, The Original Green Fire, Smoking Green Owl, and Sweet Heat Hot Sauce.

Now we don’t usually do so many reviews on one post but the guy kind of threw us a curve ball by sending different sauces to each reviewer but we made it work.

Our reviewers for these are Fiber Joe, Xero, and Derrick Wood


Fiber Joe

Derrick Wood


Fiber Joe





Derrick Wood


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