Recent Downtime

Hi, Everyone!

My apologies for the downtime earlier. I Love It Spicy relocated to a new webhost earlier and there was a technical issue with the database access (it did not like some of the old settings, like the password!) That was fixed after much hair pulling on my part!

Thanks to fellow chilihead Mike Foland for the fresh POV on the problem and the actual fix. This also will make it easier for the newsletter to be delivered, and, the test send of an article is also a good tease for what will be released in the early morning hours.

So, let’s get folks interested in the contest and get the subscriptions to the newsletter up as well.  If, by some odd chance, you subscribe and do not get a confirmation email, please let Al know.  Those that already subscribed were grandfathered in as confirmed due to GoDaddy blocking emails attempts…hence the relocation to another webhost where emails from WordPress wouldn’t be blocked!

Thanks for understanding 🙂


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