Q-ing With Your Average Joe

by Fiber Joe Madrid

Fiber Joe

Hello all you happy people….

Welcome back!  I hope everybody had a fantastic month; hopefully you all had your grills going and drinks flowing. This month I asked a really good friend of mine for one of his signature recipes. He is a competition smoker, a rub and seasoning making genius, a sauce making pro and an all-around BBQing bad ass. Folks I give you Mr. Todd Jilbert with GOLDEN TOAD products.  You can find everything he does on his website – www.goldentoad.com.



For those of you who didn’t make it up to my house this year for the Fiery Food Show BBQ after party, we are going to throw down Golden Toad’s SHRIMP BOMBS.  These things were a major hit this year and Todd was cool enough to share his fantastic recipe with us, so let’s get Q-ing.

What we need…..

Golden Toad’s Chipotle BBQ Finishing Sauce

Golden Toad’s Prime Steak Rub (this stuff is amazing on everything)

Kielbasa Sausage – cut into 3/8 disc (cut just a little larger than the thickness of your shrimp)

Shrimp – 31-40 count or larger, peeled, detailed and cleaned

12” Bamboo Skewers


The first thing you want to do is get your skewers soaking in water for at least 20-30 minutes.  This will help them from catching fire while cooking.

This will give you plenty of time to get your shrimp prepped and your kielbasa cut up.

What you want to do is make sure your shrimp is first deveined and cleaned. Then you put them in a bowl and set aside.

Next up is the kielbasa.  Cutting them into 3/8 sized discs and set them aside as well. Now you have all your meat ready to put on your skewers.

What I like to do is prep my shrimp a little bit ahead of time, seasoning them with the steak rub and putting them into the fridge for about an hour to let them really soak up the flavor of the rub.

So now we are ready to start building our shrimp bombs.  Start with the kielbasa first then the shrimp.  I find that the kielbasa will help some what lock in the shrimp so they don’t fall off.  You are going to alternate kielbasa and shrimp until you have at least 4-5 of each on your skewers.

Time to fire up that grill.  I myself prefer charcoal, but your gas grill will work just as well. Get your heat level up to around 325-350, and put your shrimp bombs on uncovered. Cook for about 5 minutes, and turn.  What you’re looking for is that nice little grill mark on the kielbasa.  Now brush on some of that Golden Toad Chipotle BBQ Finishing Sauce, and let ’em cook for another 5 minutes, turning once again and brushing on more of the GT finishing sauce.

Continue these steps a few more times, turning and brushing, brushing and turning until your shrimp are done.

This is something you’re not going to be able to walk away from, you have to man your grill, and be one with your food brother.  I’ve never been able to get a temp reading on shrimp with a meat thermometer, so you can just tell when they’re done they will turn that nice orangish color.  Something that is hard to do with all that finishing sauce, so you have to get a feel for it.  A meat thermometer should read 145 degrees for shrimp.

Once your grill has done it’s job, you are ready to blow some minds.  Whether you serve them up as a starter or part of your meal you can’t go wrong with the Shrimp Bomb Baby……. ENJOY!


So that’s going to do it for me this month.  I want to thank Todd for this awesome recipe and of course coming up to the house this year and sharing his skills with 60 of our closest friends.

Keep your Grills hot and your Drinks cold see ya next month…..


In dedication to the loving memory of Sheriff Jeremiah Christner and his son Jeremiah Christner Jr.


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