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Hello all you happy people..

Happy October everybody!  Wow can you believe it’s already October almost time to hand out candy, then carve some turkey, then BAM, Christmas lights, and then we get to start all over again YEE HAW…

This month I’m going to share with you a real simple recipe. Not only is it easy to BBQ it’s not too bad for you either. We are going to do Cedar Plank Salmon with Fresh Vegetable’s over a bed of Long Grain Rice. Sounds harder than it is, trust me.

Shopping List:

Cedar Plank: – You can find these at most of your super markets or definitely at wal-mart

Salmon: – Skin on, depending on how many people you’re going to feed is going to determine how big of a piece you’re going to need

Vegetables: The amount of veggies will also be determined on how many people you are feeding.  Here is the list of what I used for this recipe, you can pick what you like –  Yellow Squash, Zucchini, Mushrooms (Baby Bella’s) Red Onion, Red Bell Pepper, Garlic cloves and a couple of Lemons, (although not a fruit).

Long Grain Rice: I just buy the box of Rice-a-Roni long grain rice it’s easy and it’s pretty good stuff as far as I’m concerned.  LOL

Seasonings: Garlic Salt, Seasoning Salt, Salt, Pepper, Rosemary and Lemon


Aluminum Foil


So the first thing you want to do is get your cedar plank soaking in water for at least a couple of hours.   I suggest if you know this is what you are making for dinner and you have to work that day, then throw your plank in water before you leave for work.  That way it’s ready for you when you get home.  Now let’s get them coals started; you can also cook on gas if you have to I guess. Ha ha!  If you’re cooking on gas start your grill and get the temp up to 350° – while your coals are getting started or your gas grill is warming up let’s start prepping them veggies.

Start by cutting up your squash and zucchini into ½ inch disc on an angle.  It looks a little cooler then straight.  Cut up your onion in quarters, and then in 1/8ths.  You want pretty decent size pieces then cut up your bell pepper the same way leaving your Baby Bella’s whole, as they are the perfect size the way they are.

Now get you a couple of sheets of foil about two feet long. What you want to do is put all your veggies on the foil, season them with the garlic salt, seasoning salt, salt, and pepper, then take your garlic clove and run it thru your garlic press.  If you don’t have one you can cut it up as fine as you can get it, and sprinkle it over the veggies, you want to season the veggies enough to where you can see seasoning on all of them, stir them around with your hands and add more seasoning if needed. Next take your butter or margarine if you’re using real butter cut it into 8 even slices and place them evenly over the veggies if you’re using margarine place a spoon full in a few spots evenly over the veggies.

Now take your veggies and make a nice little pile in the middle of your foil.  Fold your foil around the veggies making a pouch.  Then take that pouch and place it on one end of the other piece of foil and roll it to the other end this will help the butter when it melts to stay on the veggies and not leak out.

Seasoned veggies

Now let’s get our fish ready for grilling…

Take your plank out of the water and put it on your cutting board.   Place your salmon on the plank skin side down.  Take one of your lemons and cut it in half.  Squeeze the juice out of both sides all over your fish.  Next, season your fish with the garlic salt, seasoning salt, salt, pepper, and the rosemary.  Put the rosemary on last.  Do not overdo it on the rosemary as it is a very strong seasoning.  Now take a couple of slices of butter, place a slice on both ends of the fish, and one in the middle.   If you’re using margarine, use a small scoop on each end and one in the middle.  Take your other lemon and cut it into slices; placing a slice on top of each butter patty. Your fish is now ready for grilling.

Salmon with lemon slices

Your coals should be ready by now or your gas grill should be up to temp.  Once your barbecue is good to go, take your veggies and place them on the grill.   Set them off to the side and not on the direct heat.  Place your lid on and get your temp up to 350-375.

Let your veggies cook for about 15 minutes before starting your fish.

Now let’s take our cedar plank salmon out and put it on the grill.  Place it right in the middle of the grill the hotter the better.  We have the plank soaked in water, so it’s not going to catch fire.  Instead, it is going to smoke and give us that fantastic cedar flavor that we want.  Place the cover back on the grill and control the heat to 350-375.

Veggies and Salmon on grill

While your fish and veggies are cooking outside, start your rice by following the instructions on the box.  This should take about 25 minutes which is about the same amount of time it should take your fish and veggies to finish cooking.  You can tell when your salmon is done by taking a fork and stabbing it in the middle and slightly pulling it. When you see the white flakiness of the fish you know it’s done.

Time to serve and eat!  Take some rice, lay it down on your plate, and place a piece of fish on top.  Now take a scoop of your veggies and lay them down next to your fish.  There you go Cedar Plank Salmon with Fresh Veggies on a bed of Long Grain Rice… I told you it was easy!

Cedar Plank Salmon, rice and veggies with Island Sunshine hot sauce

I topped mine with this amazing fruity sauce I received from Kens Pepper Works called, Island Sunshine.  It is awesome on fish, and it has the right amount of heat and amazing flavor I am sure you will love.  island SunshineYou all have your own favorite sauce you put on everything, so enjoy it the way you see fit.  Thanks for hangin’ with me for another month. Keep the Grills hot and the drinks cold ya’ll. PEACE!


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