REVIEWS: Wild Bill’s – Wing Sauce

wild bills

Made with vine-ripend peppers, tomatoes and our special spice blend, Wild Bill’s “Classically Original” Wing Sauce is anything but your everyday wing sauce.  It is a sauce for everything. 

It was actually an accident, about eight years ago I had a restaurant and was trying to copy a wing sauce I had had years before to share with friends. Trying being the keyword, because not only did I not come close to the recipe, I came up with something completely different, something Classically Original, something we now call Wild Bill’s Wing Sauce.

Wild Bill’s “Classically Original” Wing Sauce is made from full-bodied vine-ripened cayenne peppers with vinegar, tomatoes and our special spice blend. We don’t add any butter or oils to our product making it simply “different” than other wing sauces on the market. Wild Bill’s is available in 12oz. plastic bottles.

Our Reviewers for this one are Fiber Joe, Matt Burns, & Xero

Fiber Joe

Matt Burns


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    If he make a hotter version, its not on his website, so……

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