Adventures of the Accidental Chilehead

sauce goddess

Show off your meat! It’s what I have done for years; show off my cooking, usually with meat.  I like my meat spicy or mild.  Sometimes the intentional great meat dish needs something extra. Meat is manly and I’m a girl. I do love to grill. So I’m a girl who loves to show off her meat. The manly thing about November is this relatively new cause for men’s health. I do so love the men in my life. The Movember Foundation is about manly health issues and calling attention to men getting checked out. Yes guys it means going to the Doctor’s office. The Movember Foundation encourages men to grow a mustache to get the conversation going about men’s cancers and so on. I know, not a chilehead topic, but still important. My company, Sauce Goddess, is donating to this cause this month for every jug that gets grabbed (from our online store that is). $5 for each jug grabbed. So grow a stash, grab our jugs, and show off your meat!

Now to this month’s recipe….
Smoked Pork Butt Carnitas– Carnitas are usually lard braised pork chunks and then sauce is added and they are slow cooked. We’re going to do something similar minus the frying.

4-5 lb pork butt, boneless, cut into 3-4 inch chunks
3 Tbsp Sauce Goddess Latin Heat seasoning
1-2 dried ghost chiles (diced or ground small) or you can use 2 Tbsp ghost chile powder
1-2 cups Sauce Goddess Big & Tangy sauce (how saucy do you like your meat?)

Blend together the Latin Heat and the ghost chile in a bowl.
Add ½ cup Big & Tangy sauce. This will create a nice super flavorful spicy paste.
Gloves on.
Rub this paste all over the pork butt chunks. Place chunks in a foil pan.
Place in smoker (or oven if you don’t have a smoker). Cook for 2 hours until the meat is cooked, but not completely falling apart.
Remove meat from heat and add remaining sauce. Combine.
Return to the smoker or the oven for another hour.
The sauce will thicken and create and awesome coating for the pork.
Serve with warm tortillas and ranch beans.

This could also be done with brisket and be killer. Cook time would be longer.


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