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After nearly a decade in production in the world of outdoor grills, the DISC-IT grill is quickly becoming THE grill of choice for families, chefs and caterers. With thousands of units across the USA, Canada and even around the world, The DISC-IT grill is a favorite for cooking any type of food.

Built from heavy 3/16” PLATE Steel, the DISC-IT is a fully customized product where customers choose from hundreds of available designs or request a design specific to their dreams. The handles of the cooking disc and also customizable to include a name or a logo and the base plate of the DISC-IT is also customizable to include names, logos, brands or what ever you can dream up!

What makes the Disc-It grill so popular? Quality design, solid construction and artistic elements all add up to make the Disc-It grill your favorite cooking method the first time you fire it up. The first thing you will notice when unpacking and setting up your Disc-It grill is the rock-solid construction. Disc-It grills aren’t mass-produced overseas with a flimsy, lightweight design and shoddy craftsmanship.

The Disc-It grill is American born and made – handcrafted one at a time by the talented craftspeople at AFFIRMATIVE! Solutions in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Using top of the line 3/16” steel, the Disc-It grill is the only outdoor cooking appliance of its kind to incorporate:

  • FOUR fully customized 3/16” steel “legs” of your choice.
  • A 3/16” thick customizable base plate with swivel casters for easy maneuverability.
  • A custom-made wok-shaped cooking surface (aka discada).
  • A fully Adjustable Dual Ring Low Pressure Propane burner and UL Approved hose/regulator with starter as the heat source.
  • Hundreds of custom designed artistic elements for customers to choose from (or create their own design).
  • Powder Coated finish.
  • Lifetime Warranty.

Your brand new custom-made DISC-IT grill is solid steel – virtually unheard of in grill construction outside of bulky and expensive steel BBQ pits – and it features the thickest, strongest American made welds available. One leg on the Disc-It is removable, allowing for easy installation and replacement of the propane tank of your choice.

Affectionally referred to as a “WOK of Art” , the DISC-IT Grill will beatify your backyard!

Dream up and order your custom DISC-IT Grill today. From now until Christmas buy a Disc-It and get free shipping with coupon code SHIPFREE


Nevin D. Montano Sr., Founder
Cooking Outdoors Has Never Been Better!™

Minestrone on the Disc-It with Tricky Dix Seasoning

Interview with Tricky Dix

Blaxican Chicken Fri-B-Que StirFry on the Disc-It

Jalapeno bacon cheddar corn fritters on the Disc-it


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