It’s a Fiery World – Dec. ’15

Fiery World

Deck the Halls with Boughs of Hot Sauce…Fa La La La La La La La La!

By Ken Alexander, It’s a Fiery World

It’s that time of year where thoughts go to snowmen, Santa, Dreidels, Christmas Trees, Holiday Parties, and all things fa la la la la! So of course you’re gonna be asked to bring something to the party.  What better time could there be to get creative with your favorite hot sauce?  Since I’m not the creative chef type who makes amazing sauces and spicy fare, I find ways to use other people’s creations and always bring something spicy and fun to Christmas parties. So I thought it was appropriate and timely to share a couple of my favorite party time recipes!

So what’s the iconic, ubiquitous “I’m in a hurry, and not in the mood to fix something” party fare? Why, pepper jelly and cream cheese, or course! It’s the the original spicy party dip and also unimaginative, boring, and way overdone. Unless…… you do it with a twist. Instead of just dumping plain old pepper jelly over cream cheese, use an artisan jelly from any number of awesome hot sauce makers. I’ve used Patter Fam’s Berry Hot Jelly, HeartBreaking Dawns Trail Preserves, and there’s so many others just take your pick. Or…do what I’ve started doing and use your favorite fruit based hot sauce, mild or hot. Then, to turn it into a true dip, whether using jelly or sauce, use a hand mixer to whip them together and aerate the cream cheese, making it easy to dip and taste a little lighter and fresher. I frequently use Jac’s Tailgater’s Raspberry Chipotle sauce- mild and smoky with a sweet finish. It’s always a great party fav.  If you want more savory, then use Born to Hula’s Smoked Pineapple! A hint of sweet but definitely with a savory finish! Or High River Sauce’s Tears of the Sun or Volcanic Peppers Strawberry Lava or Hellfire’s Blueberry Hell, or Blaze Gourmet’s Hot Cranberry Love! Or pick your own favorite!!! Simple and delicious twist on an old favorite!

So there you go, and you’re welcome. Quick and easy party fare that you can use to be the life of the party…or at least the life of the dips!!!!!! Enjoy your holidays, peeps! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Ho! Ho! Ho! And always remember that, yes, Virginia, It’s a Fiery World!


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