Kickstarter: “Face on Fire” Hot Chili Sauce


Cory wants to make YOU famous. Your face will be on the label of your own bespoke bottle of chilli sauce, just for you. Who is Cory though?

I live in a beautiful part of Sydney, Australia with my supportive wife and 2 kids. We are all involved in the chilli sauce business, from the cooking, cleaning, and labelling – even my Mother helps out.

I’m just one guy. I love cooking for my family and friends, but I never thought I would be expanding my little kitchen into a business. On a regular day you will find me cooking batches of chilli sauce or I’ll be at the local market selling jars and giving out tasters.

Chapter 1: Retribution.  It was a little joke that backfired. I took some crazy selfies on my wife’s phone and to pay me back she put them on some homemade labels for my chilli sauce. All my friends and family got a jar of Cory Chilli. Real funny, Lady.

Chapter 2: Liftoff.  I developed the Cory Chilli range to sell at the local markets. I love the expression on people’s faces when they try my chilli for the first time. Their eyebrows push down, their eyes glance to the side, and their heads start nodding. Then their head comes up, their eyes get wide and they finish with a smile. People seem a little quizzical because they are not expecting chilli sauce to be so flavoursome.

Chapter 3: Inversion (now).  Although my face is no longer front and centre on the jar (it’s hiding on the side) I thought YOU might like to have your face on your own bottle of a NEW range of my chilli sauce.

It can be a picture of you, your friend, your logo, your pet, your artwork, your kids, anything. Just remember to get permission.

So… on to the Kickstarter Campaign !…

My chilli sauce business is growing faster than I imagined, and I can’t keep up with demand. It’s time to graduate from the small kitchen with little tools, to the big time with the big tools. The question is: “How am I able to do this?”

With your help I can purchase 2 things: a kettle-mixer (it’s a big bucket that heats & stirs at the same time) and a bottle filler (it pushes the perfect amount of sauce into each bottle).

The Dream Machines: Kettle-mixer and Bottle-filler
The Dream Machines: Kettle-mixer and Bottle-filler

● All pledges from “Huggy Bear” and above will receive their own printable Certificate of Appreciation, and their name emblazoned on the CC Wall of Fame.

● All pledges from “Bewdy Bottler” and above will receive a PRINTED Certificate of Thanks, and their IMAGE featured on the CC Wall of Fame.

When the time comes, I will send you the instructions on how to easily upload a  photo of you, your pet, your logo, your artwork, or any image you want. I’ll do the rest. Too easy.

*Limit of only 1 image per pledge.

Its been fun getting the project together. Thanks to my family, friends and the focus group for appearing in the video – I had a great time filming and editing everything. A special thanks to my wife, Christine, for all her graphic design work.

… and thanks to YOU for getting behind my project.


Cory Chilli

Risks and challenges

Timing: At the end of the campaign I will be waiting for deliveries of stock, and the machines will be ordered & assembled.
I will be doing everything humanly possible to get your rewards dispatched right away.


Cory Spence
Director, Cory Chilli
0405 308 897 | | | P.O. Box 452, Avalon NSW 2107
Kickstarter URL:


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