Comfort Food Showdown: Round 1 – #8 Onion Rings vs #9 Crab Cakes


We have our next combatants in what might be a very close battle.  You have your classic crunchy side item, fried, beer battered big, small, whatever you might find the most pleasing.  Do you dunk your onion rings or just munch on them?  With a burger, on a burger?  Then the other side we have an entree that is the staple for the Baltimore region and some would say it’s reach has no bounds – The Crab Cake!  Everyone has their own recipe, every restaurant serves it up in their own way.  Some places have mini-versions to pop right into your mouth.  With Old Bay or without Old Bay?  This cake is in no way shape or form, a dessert, but people will go out of their way for some popular restaurant version.  Can you say the same for Onion Rings?  I have never started a restaurant discussion with, “I am in the mood for onion rings, where should we go?”  Yet, if you find a really good onion ring that hits the spot, you might feel like you found the comfort in this food which is what this tournament is all about.

So this battle is about to kickoff in grand fashion and you get to decide which food is worthy of marching on in this foodie tourney.  Please vote and share!

Round 1: #8 Onion Rings vs #9 Crab Cakes

  • #9 Crab Cakes (61%, 19 Votes)
  • #8 Onion Rings (39%, 12 Votes)

Total Voters: 31

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