Comfort Food Showdown: Round 1 – #2 Tacos vs #15 Fish & Chips

On paper, you might want to consider this over before it starts, but this comfort food battle, might just have a closer vote count than expected by the time it is over.  Let us look at #2 seed, Tacos.  The versatility in a taco is HUGE!  The shell alone has options.  You can go soft or hard, corn or flour, you can even fry or deep fry them.  The inside is so optional, you can argue for a very long time which is the best way to fill your taco.  You want fish, beef, chicken, shrimp, veggie, pork, guacamole, spicy, cheese, and on and on and on.  Dress the taco up anyway you want.  There are more options than just about any food in the Comfort Food Showdown.  The possibilities are almost infinite, and that ladies and gentlemen makes this comfort food mighty and a favorite to run the table.

On the other side of the ledger is the #15 seed, Fish and Chips.  If this was the United Kingdom, this might be the #2 seed.  So how flexible is Fish and Chips, beyond the type of french fry potato that will fill in for the chips spot?  Beer batter, right?  That is my favorite, although far from the healthiest option.  Panko-crusted can be good.  Fried or baked?  I am not sure you will go to many restaurants and get baked fish with your chips, but they are indeed an option.  I have seen Paleo versions of Fish and Chips, but not sure they will ever win any form of battle no matter how good the intention to be healthy might be.  So I imagine those people voting for Fish & Chips over Tacos had some of the best option available, and yes this is a great dish if made right.  Most prefer tartar sauce, and others enjoy malt vinegar, but my personal favorite is a strong horseradish cocktail sauce.  Without the cocktail sauce, I would not even want them.  I have had some great Tacos in my day, especially some memorable shrimp variety, but I have had some amazing Fish & Chips.  Perhaps I am desensitized by how commonplace the Taco is in our culture, and having Fish & Chips is more of a special occasion.  Which is why I believe gives this huge underdog a chance.  If you could have one right now, for free, which would comfort you the most?  Think of that, then please vote!

Round 1: #2 Tacos vs #15 Fish & Chips

  • # 2 Tacos (67%, 22 Votes)
  • #15 Fish & Chips (33%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 33

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