Lenny Awards – Best Spicy Products of 2020

This is the 11th year that I am doing these awards to celebrate the amazing makers of spicy products in this community. It is on this day in 2010 that my Dad, Leonard “Lenny” Goldenberg passed away from Cancer, and rather than mourn him, I celebrate his life and the way he lived to help others. I dedicated the Best of the Year Award to my Mom, Helen Goldenberg, who also passed away from a Cancer, Leukemia in 2018. Last year I dedicated a new award in honor of my friend and ILoveItSpicy reviewer and supporter, Firehead Thomas J Gately who passed away suddenly and with no warning in August 2019. He was a man who lived life to the fullest and lit up a room with his sheer presence. He had a huge impact in my life, and it is my honor to give him a bit of a legacy with this award moving forward. The video, if you choose to watch it, is the one I did Live on Facebook this evening. All the companies that I named in the video have their information listed below, so if you would like to seek their products, I tried to connect you with them. I hope you will reward them too with a purchase.


Defcon Sauces

Phone: (908) 665-2141

Email: jo**@de**********.com

Facebook: CLICK HERE

Chimney Hot Sauce

Phone: (334) 329-4549

Facebook: CLICK HERE

New England Sauce

Email: ne*************@gm***.com

Facebook: CLICK HERE

Benito’s Hot Sauce

Phone: (802) 730-6823

Facebook: CLICK ME

Molina Salsa

Facebook: CLICK ME TOO

Richard’s VT Made Sauces

Phone: (802) 662-4196

Email: sa***@vt********.com

Facebook: CLICK ON ME

Voodoo Chile Spiceworx

Email: in**@vo*********.net

Facebook: CLICK HERE or HERE

Ghost Scream Hot Sauce

Facebook: CLICK HERE

Pepper Daddy

Email: in**@pe*********.com

Facebook: HERE CLICK

Boner’s Hot Sauce

Email: se*****@bo************.com


Allegheny City Farms

Phone: (412) 716-9399

Email: al*******************@gm***.com


Lovie Sauce

Email: lo********@gm***.com


Texas Pepper Jelly aka Craig’s BBQ Sauce

Email: sa***@te**************.com


Birch Hill Brand (website is down)

Phone: (516) 671-3242


Hell’s Kitchen Hot Sauce

Phone: (212) 956-0638

Email: in**@he******************.com


Hot One’s & Heatonist

Heatonist Phone: (718) 599-0838

Heatonist Email: il***********@he*******.com

Heatonist Facebook Page: CLICK HERES

Dawson’s Hot Sauce

Email: da*************@gm***.com

Facebook: La CLICK

El Fuego Pepper Sauce

Email: er**@el**********.com

Facebook: CLICK NW

Fiji Fire Hot Sauce

No contact information outside of their website where you will find many places to purchase the 2020 Helen Goldenberg Memorial Hot Sauce of the Year, including the Heatonist when I got me some.

Instagram: Since they won, I post this… so CLICK Da CHAMP

Honorable Mentions :

Blonde Beard Buffalo Sauces

Stoop Sauce by Desert Roach

Big G’s Food Service aka Big G’s Famous Sauce

Texas Select Seasonings

Bachan’s Japanese Barbecue

Lane’s BBQ

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