Adventures of the Accidental Chilehead

The Sauce Goddess

sauce goddess

Adventures for the trail

My nephew Parker is hiking the Appalachian Trail right now. If you’ve been to the Fiery Food and BBQ Show then you might have met him, slinging sauce and having a great time. He’s not into super hot food, but loves a bit of heat. He has been a guinea pig taste tester for my chilehead adventures on many more than one occasion. Given a little time in the fiery world, who knows, he could be another Accidental Chilehead like me.

The reason I mention Parker is that he posted to his friends on Facebook that he needed food, words of encouragement and so on. Packages can be sent and held for him at the Post Office (thank you USPS for your services). A request for trail food is not something I can pass up. So I decided to make him some treats-Sauce Goddess style.

Jerky 2 ways

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Bill Moore’s Hot & Spicy Reviews – October ’15



Hello my fellow chileheads! This month I’d like to introduce a company I discovered back in March of this year. I was extremely impressed with the delicious flavor of their products. The Angry Goat Pepper Co. is located in Bradford, VT and makes premium, small batch hot sauces and pepper jams. Jason and Roberta Parker are the exclusive makers of eight different hot sauces and about 14 different flavors of pepper jams.

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2015 Chile Pepper Awards


Barbecue Sauce / Alcohol-Infused
1 Ole Ray’s Sauces Ole Ray’s Kentucky Red Bourbon Barbeque Sauce
2 Deep River Specialty Foods Rodeo Whiskey Grill Sauce
Barbecue Sauce / Cayenne
1 Wood Bar B Q Sauce Woody’s Hickory Hot Bar B Q Sauce
2 Stagecoach Salsa Co. Miss Cynthia’s No So Spicy Stagestop BBQ Sauce
Barbecue Sauce / Chipotle
1 Firefly’s BBQ Firefly’s Beelzebar Sauce
2 CaJohns CaJohns Bourbon St Smoky
Barbecue Sauce / Fruit Based
11 1 Ole Ray’s Sauces Ole Ray’s Peach-A-Licious
12 2 Ole Ray’s Sauces Ole Ray’s Apple/Cinnamon
Barbecue Sauce / Habanero
1 CaJohns CaJohns Bourbon St Fiery
2 Black Swamp Gourmet Sweet & Fiery BBQ Sauce
Barbecue Sauce / Molasses Based
1 Firefly’s BBQ Firefly’s Dixi Kiss Sauce
2 CRC CRC BBQ Riley’s Triple R Sauce

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September is Chilehead Month

Chilehead Monthly September logo


Before we get going on our 2nd newsletter, I wanted to dedicate this month’s newsletter to our good friends Merle and Diana from Hellfire Hot Sauce in the memory of their 2 sons Mike and Jim who were lost in a fatal car crash last Wednesday. I can not imagine how horrible it would be to lose two children on the same day. There are little words you can use to console them at this time as the pain must be unbearable. Yet, I encourage you to leave them your condolences on their company Facebook page HERE and show them the love this community has to give.

When I lost my Dad to Cancer in 2010, I decided to honor him with a tribute called the Lenny Award that I give out on every December 19th to the best products of the year. December 19th is the day he passed away. I chose to celebrate his life, than to mourn his death. It will be a while before Merle and Diana can feel whole again, but I urge them to follow in my footsteps and celebrate their lives with your own special tribute. Something you know they would be proud to be associated with. I am so sorry for your loss, as well as all the people that personally loved your boys. Good people like yourselves should not have to endure such pain and sorrow. You know if you ever need an ear, I am but a call away my friends.


As they say, the show must go on. Welcome to the September newsletter for Chilehead Monthly…

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It’s a Fiery World!

Ken Alexander


Fiery Food Festival University

Well, it’s the time of year where school bells are ringing and kids are singing! Okay, more moaning and groaning, but nonetheless, it’s here! You have to shelve Alice Cooper “School’s Out for Summer” and dust off “Schoolhouse Rock”! And this month I wanted to talk about fiery food/hot sauce festivals, so get out your pencils, class, we’re going to school! And it will rock! (Get it? Rock? School? School of Rock!? Yea Yea Yea….I know – okay, never mind…) So what follows are some observations and opinions I’ve drawn from my experience with hot sauce and fiery food shows, and we’ll end with what in the heck does this have to do with school, or more specifically, college!

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Q-ing With Your Average Joe

by Fiber Joe Madrid

Fiber Joe

Hello all you happy people….

Welcome back! I hope everybody had a fantastic month; hopefully you all had your grills going and drinks flowing. This month I asked a really good friend of mine for one of his signature recipes. He is a competition smoker, a rub and seasoning making genius, a sauce making pro and an all-around BBQing bad ass. Folks I give you Mr. Todd Jilbert with GOLDEN TOAD products. You can find everything he does on his website –

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Sweet & Savory with Local & Farm Fresh Food


Shellie Mierwald

Sweet Heat Gourmet

Last Fall one of my producers, Way Fruit Farm, managed to talk me into a bushel of pears instead of my regular half bushel. At first I was thinking, fabulous and amazing product but what the heck am I going to do with all these pears? I immediately thought of trying them out in a pear hot sauce, and knew that limes and black pepper paired well together. After thinking of additional complimentary ingredients, our Key Lime Hot Sauce was born. It was definitely different being that it was light in heat and color, and I loved it. My husband Dave and I were unsure of the new hot sauce, we wondered how our customers would use such a unique sauce. We debuted it at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo, and it was our fastest selling sauce. We asked customers to let us know how they were using the hot sauce, and the responses weren’t what we were expecting. People were taking the sauce and using it on ice cream, cheesecake, seafood, pork, chicken, mojitos, margaritas….it fascinated me. I began to notice on the chile forums an upswing in the use of spicy products on sweet foods, not just on savory foods.

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Pickles and Chileheads…What community means to me


Crazy Steve Zielinski

“Your love one has cancer…” Those are the last words you want to hear.

Six years ago I grew too many cucumbers, tomatoes and jalapenos in my garden.

The beginning of condiments on a mission

What do you do when your garden blesses you with an abundance of cucumbers? Friends, family, and co-workers can only eat so many.
We brought 3 bags to the food pantry, which was very grateful. But then there is next weeks harvest. Maybe I went a little overboard when I put in 12 packs of cucumber seeds. OK, not that many, but it was a lot, and these were the pickling variety. These are the green and white skin knobby cukes that have a great crunch.

That was the birth of Crazy Steve’s. I wasn’t planning on creating this brand, but over the next few months, the wheels started to spin (which usually gets me in trouble). All I knew that day was I was going to start making pickles and salsa.

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Pepper of the Month – September ’15

Jim Duffy from SD news article

By Jim Duffy

Giant White Habanero-(Capsicum chinense)-This pepper was originally obtained by a renowned chile farmer from Italy named Luigi Mauriello. The Habanero White Giant or Giant White Habanero is a variety that he obtained from an Italian trader 20 years ago (1992-1993), this variety comes from an unknown area of the Caribbean . The trader has no more of this variety because he has failed to regenerate the seeds, so now Luigi possesses the true original variety. Luigi distributed the seeds of this variety all over the world, but few people have managed to cultivate it, because it is not easy to grow. A few people have renamed it the White 7 Pot or 7 Pod White. When you cut open this pepper it does not have the thick membrane of a 7 pot or superhot chile.

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Adventures of the Accidental Chilehead


The Sauce Goddess

sauce goddess

I love using super hot chiles as an ingredient to flavor sauces, oils and so on without actually using the chile. This first recipe I am sharing is one of my favorite things to make. It’s something my Mom taught me when I was in college. I have since added bacon and other cheeses (like blue cheese) to make it my own. This version is super spicy and delicious. Wondering what it is? Well we are going to make rich creamy super spicy bacon mac and cheese….. yummmmmm.

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Bill Moore’s Hot & Spicy Reviews


Bill Moore


Hello fellow chileheads and lovers of all things hot & spicy. My name is Bill Moore and I review many different spicy products on my YouTube channel…Bill Moore’s Hot & Spicy Reviews. I’d also like to introduce my wife Myong because she has played a big part in introducing me to spicy foods. Myong and I met in Korea back in 1979 while I was serving in the U.S. Army. The savory, rich aroma of spicy Korean cuisine has filled the air of the Moore household for many years now, and we love to eat some of the classic dishes such as Kimchi, Bulgogi, Kalbi, Bibimbop, and fried Yaki-Mandu on a regular basis. Myong and I have been married for 36 wonderful years. We have two sons Steven and Daniel, and have been blessed with four beautiful granddaughters! Our fifth is a grandson, and he will be here in a couple of months!

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