Nick Ney of Cajun Island shares some AWESOME Cajun recipes

The day after the Weekend of Fire show some of us traveled up to Columbus, Ohio to visit Nick Ney’s Cajun Island restaurant and food court. He treated us to some amazing food, including my favorite from last year his Blackened Chicken and Bowtie Pasta. Along with serving he also allowed me to film the recipe for that dish and his Dirty Rice recipe. The best dirty rice I have ever had. A huge thank you to Nick for the wonderful food and hospitality. If there is another one of these in the future, you would be out of your mind to miss it if you could attend. I still am thinking about the amazing Gator Gumbo as well!

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2012 Weekend of Fire: Blogger’s Round Table

This is a long video as I chose to run it as 1 video instead of chopping it into multiple videos. Our Round Table was led by Scott Roberts of, Joe & Linda Levinson of, and Marilyn Meagher of We discuss many issues including the ever-increasing pepper eating challenge videos, the cooking with super hot chile videos, best new products at the Weekend of Fire this year, and a few other topics that bring out real emotion from our bloggers. Whether you agree or disagree with us we should cover a topic you might be passionate about. At least we hope you do. I also spare you from my ugly mug as I am mostly off camera for this video.

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Chilehead Gathering the Monday After the Weekend of Fire

There’s a new event to take place in Columbus, Ohio the Monday after Jungle Jim’s Weekend of Fire!

In years past chileheads and fiery foods manufacturers have congregated at CaJohn’s Fiery Foods facilities, but this year we will all meet at the Cajun Island Restaurant in Columbus, approximately 100 miles northeast of Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield, Ohio.

For those of you unfamiliar with it, the restaurant is owned by none other than Nick Ney of Cajun Island, and he makes some of the most delicious and addictive chicken blackening spices and sauces known to man. If you’ve attended the Weekend of Fire in years past, or perhaps another event around Ohio of the east coast, chances are good you’ve stopped by nick’s booth and sampled some of his fantastic eats.

The chilehead get-together will be held at Nick’s Cajun Island Restaurant on Monday, October 8th from 11:00 am – 2:00pm, or until…

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2012 Open Fields, Closed for Me

I am reposting this from a couple of months ago from Jim Campbell is the man behind Open Fields. You can read below and get your invite if you want to make the last minute decision and go. I could not convince my Boss to switch my day off to attend this year. It sucks because I was there the last 2 years and besides cooking my legs by the bonfire it was an awesome time. I had a 10 day trip which included Weekend of Fire, which I will attend next week. I started in VA, went to WoF, then to CaJohn’s Open House followed by a visit with Crazy Uncle Jester, then to Indy which I had I had a great time with the Hudds as they gave me a tour, and finally to Jim’s house and Open Fields there after. A trip I will not soon forget. So I sit here saddened by not being able to go. Read below, look at some of the pics, and you might get an inkling of why people travel from all over the globe to camp out in Indiana and share their love of spicy things. The Brotherhood and Sisterhood is unrivaled. If you are a chilehead, then this is a must attend for you. For those that are attending, have fun for me. I miss you all.

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After Show Diary – 2012 Houston

I had originally planned on staying back to back weekends on my trip. The NOLA show was cancelled, rescheduled and renamed the “Chile Pepper Extravaganza” for next year. The idea of having back to back spicy shows that were only 5-6 hours apart made me excited and I planned a weeks vacation around it. I decided to stay an extra night here in Houston because Rick & Marna McMillan of Chile Pepper Magazine hosted a little gathering of folks at their house for Monday.

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