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Getting to Know Jim Weaver from Meadow View Farms

Every September, we at Sweet Heat Gourmet and approximately 50+ chile companies, make the annual pilgrimage to the Bowers Chile Pepper Festival. The festival celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, and one of the main attractions was the incredibly cheap “pick your own peppers” right down the road at Meadow View Farms, owned by Jim Weaver and his family.

meadow view 4

We’ve been buying super hots from Jim since we started our company about 3 ½ years ago. If you haven’t been to his farm in person, it truly is chilehead nirvana. There are acres and acres of hot peppers, 200+ varieties according to Jim, with 50 of those super hots. I took this opportunity to ask Jim a few questions about his farm and his family, and how they got interested in growing super hot peppers.

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Interview with Dave Hirschkop of Dave’s Gourmet

This is an interview I did back on July 2011 with the great Dave Hirschkop. For those not in the know, he is the maker of the infamous Dave’s Insanity Sauce. Dave is now being going to be inducted into the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame this Saturday April 25th, 2015 at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo. I have the extreme honor to introduce Dave at the ceremony. So I figure why not dig up the old interview and share it with those of you that have never seen it. My apologies for talking way too much. No I am not on speed or any other drugs. That is just me babbling as I normally do. I was not prepared for the interview, and you can tell by my questions, I was truly winging it. Bear with those issues, as Dave shares much with me over the course of the interview. Thanks to Dave for giving me the time.

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Fiber Joe Interviews Hope Springs Gourmet Crackers at 27th Annual Fiery Foods Show

hope springs
Founder and CEO, Vivian Lea, born in a long line of great cooks, combined her passion for cooking with a personal need to compliment her soup with an equally tantalizing cracker. Vivian experimented with flavor combinations that she shared with her friends. Vivian’s friends enjoyed them so much that they encouraged her to share her crackers with the public. They knew that what she had made was something more than an ordinary cracker.
​ ​Developing recipes for years, Vivian finds cooking to be therapeutic. And now, she is proud to share her crackers with you!

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Fiber Joe Interviews Yoder Smokers at the 27th Annual Fiery Foods Show

A little competition is a good thing. Especially when you’re competing at something that really matters. Like barbecue. And let’s face it, whether you’re competing against the top smoke masters, the guy next door, or yourself, barbecue matters. So, for all you folks who like to win – the smoke pit crews, the Backyard Chefs the apron-wearing, tong-carrying people who live to “Grill” – it is YOU for whom we build our Yoder Smokers.

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Fiber Joe Interviews Stretch from Grinders at the 27th Annual Fiery Foods Show

STRETCH says, as far back as he can remember, he’s enjoyed food. His interest was daily, sometimes 2-3 times a day. He was addicted to this — it felt natural. Most people around him were doing it, so he said to himself, why not continue? Eating, along with the urge to create as he got older led to opening 2 restaurants, Grinders & Grinders West, and building sculpture for a living.

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Fiber Joe Interviews Frog Bone at the 27th Annual Fiery Foods Show

Keith Jenkins was raised on the north shore of New Orleans in the town of Madisonville, Louisiana where their source for seafood came from the lakes, bayous and rivers. As a kid, he and his grandfather would stay on his houseboat on the “Tchefuncte River” and catch a mess of catfish, clean them up and have a good ole’ fish fry with family and friends on weekends.

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Fiber Joe Interviews Volcanic Peppers at 27th Annual Fiery Foods Show

Volcanic Peppers
Volcanic Peppers is located in Bellevue, NE. We are independent chile growers processing in a locally approved and FDA registered commercial kitchen. We provide fresh chile peppers including a variety of habanero, cayenne, sweet and ultra hot peppers including the worlds hottest Trinidad scorpion, 7-pot and the ghost or bhut jolokia peppers. We also create several blends of chile powder including Volcano Dust ™ which is a combination of several dried and or smoked peppers.

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Fiber Joe Interviews Lucky Dog Hot Sauce at the 27th Annual Fiery Foods Show

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce was my hobby for 7+ years. In 2005 I started developing recipes in my kitchen & on the back yard grill. And in June of 2012 I turned it into a small business due to overwhelming demand. I simply could not keep up with all of the people who gobbled it up so fast! Every batch I made, I’d have none left for myself – which was kind of depressing since that’s why I started making it in the first place. So now I’ve found a commercial kitchen to work with and I’m making a lot of it! My goal is simple: always innovate, never imitate.

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Fiber Joe Interviews newcomer Hellfire at 27th Annual Fiery Foods Show

At Hellfire Hot Sauce our goal is to create all natural hots sauces that provide the true chilehead with both the extreme heat and flavor they crave without the use of extracts

In other words “All the heat you need & All the flavor you want!”

We experiment extensively with different combinations of superhot peppers to acheive this goal!

Our Motto is “Setting the World on fire one Bottle at a Time!

As well as our sauces being all natural we source most of our superhot peppers from organic growers and in addition have lowered the sodium levels in all of our sauces.

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Interview: The Machine & Ted the Fire Breathing Idiot

Ted & The Machine


I got the honor to interview both Steve “The Machine” Smallwood & Ted the Fire Breathing Idiot a few hours before they were to attempt the Guinness Book of World Record for fastest eating time for the World’s Hottest Chile Pepper, Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper. I got a very honest take on their fears and trepidation on being on stage and taking on all that heat. We also discuss the NYC Hot Sauce Expo and some of their new favorites they discovered while there. LOTS AND LOTS of call-outs of companies between the 3 of us. You might be surprised how many milder hot sauces these guys recommend. Of course, I too chime in with a few of my own. It is a real fun interview, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did in doing it. Enjoy!

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