Introducing a New Hot Sauce Company: Ken’s Pepper Works Artisan Hot Sauces

Hey I Love It Spicy we would like to introduce a new hot sauce company called Ken’s Pepper Works Artisan Hot Sauces.
Here is a link to the website of his kickstarter.
Go on check out the video, read up on his products, and even make a pledge if you would like to help him get started.

Gourmet hot sauces are now ready for the masses. Complex and Unique. Taste first…ask questions later!


I love hot sauce. I love to make it. I love to eat it. And sometimes I love to drink it. I like it so much I started my own company. I have created three unique, artisan hot sauces with complex flavor profiles. I believe in flavor first, not vinegar. All three sauces are gluten free and do not contain preservatives. They are medium to medium hot. Your mouth will not be in pain but will know it just received a fine how-do-you-do.

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REVIEW: Puckerbutt Pepper Company – Extra Mean Green Hot Sauce

Extra Mean Green

We are back with our 3rd of 4 reviews for the Puckerbutt Pepper Company. In the first 2 reviews we did reviews for their Guinness Book of World Records hottest chile pepper, Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper. You can check out the first 2 reviews by clicking on the names of each below this paragraph. Our review team once again consists of Fiber Joe, Matt Bauhaus, Zzombie, and Slade, Demon Pepper Slayer.
1- I Dare You Stupit Hot Sauce
2- I Dare You Stupit Mustard

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2013 Houston Hot Sauce Festival: Fiber Joe Interviews Hot Line Pepper Products

Hot Line Pepper Products is a family owned business based in Spring, Texas that takes pride in creating quality, gourmet, custom blended hot sauces. We fire roast our chiles to bring out the full flavor with a slight natural sweetness from the caramelization. Our products are all natural and do not contain any sweeteners, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Hot Line Pepper Products hot sauces are meant to enhance and compliment your food.

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Louisiana Style Hot Sauce Award goes to…wait it’s a tie!!!

Congrats to CaJohns Fiery Foods for it’s Gwendolyn Louisiana Pepper Sauce Cayenne and Dog-gone Sauce Company Chipotle Hot Sauce the 2013 Co-Champions of the Louisiana Style Hot Sauce for the 2014 Louisiana Hot Sauce Festival.
Photo: Congrats to CaJohns Fiery Foods for it’s Gwendolyn Louisiana Pepper Sauce Cayenne and Dog-gone Sauce Company Chipotle Hot Sauce the 2013 Co-Champions of the Louisiana Style Hot Sauce for the 2014 Louisiana Hot Sauce Festival. (and the crowd goes crazy)
Top Ten results from the Louisiana Hot Sauce Festival’s 2013 Louisiana Style Hot Sauce Competition.

1st Tie CaJohns Fiery Foods Gwendolyn Cayenne Pepper Hot Sauce & Dog-gone Sauce Company Chipotle Hot Sauce.
3rd Slap Ya Mama Cajun Products Slap Ya Mama Hot Sauce.
4th Susi’s Hot Sauce Hot Mess Hot Sauce.
5th Stevie Mac’s Gourmet Smokin’ Gun Hot Sauce
6th Sean’s booYah! Wing Sauces The Hammer
7th Crowley’s Hot Sauce Seeded Lava
8th Crowley’s Hot Sauce Cajed Heat
9th Poca’s Hottest’s Thomas Wynn & The Believers – Hell Fire
10th Humboldt Hotsauce – Mild.

There was 102 entries judged by 14 Louisiana Based Judges.
I will be releasing the total scores from each judge for all 102 entries in the coming days for your review.

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Never Forget 9/11 Tribute


It is still stirring watching some of the video replays of that horrible day in history 12 years later. It was a black eye on mankind perpetuated by the evil that exists in our lives. We must never forget what happened, and try our best to pay homage to those that were lost that day and for the families and friends who lost a part of themselves as well. This tribute video was created 7 years ago, and the powerful images will make your heart hurt for a bit, but I think we need to feel it in some small way each year. On Labor Day Weekend of 2001 I took my first tour of the Statue of Liberty with some friends who never visited NYC before. A few days later, the Twin Towers were gone, and my picture that I took in the most perfect of conditions is something I will cherish forever. We must never forget.

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Remembering My Dad with my favorite review

happy fathers day

I did this “Mysterious Meat Thing” review with my Dad and a little bit with my Mom, in a time during my Dad’s fight with Cancer where he was feeling better. It ended up being a very funny videp and something I can look back at and smile remembering my Dad. Later that year he passed away when the Cancer spread and ultimately won the fight. On Father’s Day, I want those people out there to embrace their Dad not only today because it’s their day, but to treat him as if everyday was his last with you. Even if it is just an everyday appreciated word of love and/or caring gesture. We all have our fights, arguments, as I did with my Dad, but in the end I know he loved me and did his best to guide me to do the right things in life. I honor him today as I look back at this video and share this memory with all my friends out there.

Happy Father’s Day. Love ya Pops!

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Memorial Day: We Will Never Forget

Memorial Day Tribute pic

I found this wonderful Memorial Day tribute, and wanted to share it with you. Memorial Day is often thought of as the beginning of the BBQ season, the opening of the beaches, the start of warmer weather, but many of us get lost in our own personal lives and forget the real meaning why we celebrate this day. So many men and women sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom and secure our borders. They fought with us and along side us, with our colors and with the colors of our allies. We take for granted all the things we have and can’t truly comprehend all the souls that were lost to give us our way of life. Today, Memorial Day, we remember all those that gave their lives for us. We honor their memory with our praise and prayers. Thank you is not nearly enough, but it is the least we can do today. So don’t just think about the number of brats you need on the grill or whether or not you want to add potato salad and cole slaw for your festivity or how much sunscreen you need. Think about our brave soldiers that gave their lives for you.

Thanks to Sarah Eubanks for creating such a great tribute video.

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R.I.P. John M. McAlonan

Mac at Zestfest

We got the sad notice from Mark Rodriguez from Alamo Pepper Products that we lost one of our own the other day. Some of you might know John as Mac from Fire on the Ridge. He was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer last year. Sold his business, and spent the rest of his time with his family. Mark described him as “One of the most kindest people I had the pleasure of meeting, and knowing…He was a really good guy.” You can read his Obituary HERE

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of Mac’s family and friends.

Mac with products

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