13th Annual Houston Hot Sauce Festival

shirt and show poster

What is happening this year at one of the best hosted hot sauce shows on the planet? Promoter Carol Borge has made this a go to show, now entering it’s 13th year. It is special in so many ways that other shows fall short of doing. I get this feedback from the vendors. Carol is very attentive to the vendors and her guests needs. She wants everyone back and she makes sure everything goes smoothly, and she circles the event throughout the weekend asking if everyone is happy. She knows the value of saying thank you which is lost on some of the other venue hosts. This being my 3rd year out of the last 4 years, I would certainly call Carol a friend just on how special she has made me feel over that time. I wish nothing but success to all the vendors and its reflected right back to her in their praise of the show. This year will be quite special too.

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