2012 Open Fields, Closed for Me

I am reposting this from a couple of months ago from Jim Campbell is the man behind Open Fields. You can read below and get your invite if you want to make the last minute decision and go. I could not convince my Boss to switch my day off to attend this year. It sucks because I was there the last 2 years and besides cooking my legs by the bonfire it was an awesome time. I had a 10 day trip which included Weekend of Fire, which I will attend next week. I started in VA, went to WoF, then to CaJohn’s Open House followed by a visit with Crazy Uncle Jester, then to Indy which I had I had a great time with the Hudds as they gave me a tour, and finally to Jim’s house and Open Fields there after. A trip I will not soon forget. So I sit here saddened by not being able to go. Read below, look at some of the pics, and you might get an inkling of why people travel from all over the globe to camp out in Indiana and share their love of spicy things. The Brotherhood and Sisterhood is unrivaled. If you are a chilehead, then this is a must attend for you. For those that are attending, have fun for me. I miss you all.

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