Fiber Joe Interviews Addiction Sauces at 2014 Fiery Foods Show

The Addiction story first started 19 years ago in New Orleans at a small restaurant called Street Car Po-Boys. They had some of the best po-boys around, my favorite being the firecracker. It had shrimp split down the middle stuffed with fresh jalapeno and pepper jack cheese all wrapped in bacon, breaded then deep fried. The restaurant had one big wall of hundreds of hot sauces on it. So it began, trying to find the best one. After tasting them all, there was not the satisfaction with any sauce to contain the right balance of heat, salty, acidic and sweetness. Making my own sauce seemed to be the way to go. Having gone to The Culinary Institute of America and working in many 5 star fine dining restaurants I started creating my own. Years went by making different sauces and testing them out on family and friends. I came to create two that seemed to have the overall best heat and flavor. So I knew the Habanero and Bhut Jolokia was where I would start…but what should I name the company.

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