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Bonjour Chileheads,

In the upcoming months I will tell you about my Canadian passion for hot peppers, but first, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Martin Lamoureux and I live in a small town in the suburbs of Montreal. I became interested in chilli peppers in my teenage years at a time when fresh peppers were rare here in Canada. As the years progressed, I discovered some excellent spicy products, especially hot sauce. That world fascinated me, and a couple years later I found a guy who had published a review about a hot sauce and it really captivated me. This reviewer many of you know; he is Mr. Bill Moore. After watching several videos of Bill, I said to myself that here in Quebec we have no one that does this type of thing for the Canadian Chilehead. I decided to take it upon myself to create such a reviewer and I began to offer my own review with sauces from here. The problem for me was that most stores only carried the likes of Tabasco and Frank’s Red Hot, and I wanted the same sauces that Bill Moore was reviewing.

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REVIEW: Chokeslam Hot Sauce

This is our very 1st Canadian Hot Sauce review. Our review team consists of Jay Cunningham aka Crazy Cunner and our beloved Mer. Mer has been on hiatus for a while as he left California to move to Wisconsin, then to his home country of Canada. When Ben Peterson, Chef/Co-Owner of Heron Rock Bistro & Crooked Goose Bistro came to me looking for some feedback for his restaurant made hot sauce, I was all into setting the review up for him. Since Ben was in Canada, and Jay had reached out to me earlier on about forming a Canadian review team, this was a perfect launching pad. Ben wanted to ship his Chokeslam hot sauce to see if our chilehead team would like it just as much as his customers have. This review had major delays in putting it here on ILIS, and for that I have to give Ben my sincerest apologies. One of the 3 reviewers who he shipped Chokeslam to, bailed on me, but not before he held me up with endless excuses and promises it was coming. Eventually I had to move on and give Ben what I promised to him, even if it was minus one of the reviewers. Thanks to Mer though, he brought in his friend Schwy, (Chris Schweir) to help out with the review.

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Crazy Cunner’s Intro & the Canadian Review Team

Crazy Cunner Jay Cunningham

Jay Cunningham aka Crazy Cunner is 1 part of the new established Canadian review team. This has been long in the waiting and this introduction had to be delayed months while we waiting for the 3rd member to finish his video. Unfortunately, I was deceived and lied to several times and that person was given free product to review back in March. I hated holding up Jay’s Intro and 1st review which was done so long ago, but when someone keeps promising you that it is coming and has a new excuse each time, I feel like the biggest fool in the world for having faith. Our 2nd member of the team is a familar guy which has been reviewing with us since the 1st year of ILIS. That person is the one and only Mer. For those not familar with Mer, he was from California, then moved to Wisconsin for a job opportunity, then eventually found his way back to his home country of Canada with his beloved family. A favorite of many, it will be great to bring back Mer even if it is for the rare Canadian review.

I hope you all give Crazy Cunner the warmest of welcomes into our ILIS team of reviewers. Crazy Cunner has his own YouTube page HERE and he has been doing some reviewers over there. So please check him out. I also added one of my favorite Mer reviews of all time to re-introduce you to him to our audience of spicy lovers. Check them out and show your love and support.

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