Xero reviews Deano’s Jalapenos Bits- Cheddar Bacon

deano's jalapeno bits cheedar bacon flavor

Xero wanted to share his thoughts on the popular snack treat for spicy foodies around the world, Deano’s Jalapenos. If you have not heard of Deano’s Jalapenos by now, then you are missing something very special. A deep-fried jalapeno snack covered in either cheddar, ranch or sea salt, now has a new flavor for the masses – bacon cheddar. Last year, Deano’s launched their new Jalapeno Bits, which had a much better marketable than the mystery bag that he sells the full chips in. As you can see by the pic above, it comes in a clear shaker type of plastic container which allows you to pour them out or sprinkle them onto food or into a recipe. Customers can see what they are getting before they purchase it. The biggest benefit is that they are easier to get out and you no longer have to reach your hand into the bag and get messy trying to secure your remaining pieces. These bits make a great salad or soup topper. My favorite use so far is in a green bean casserole. Check out my recipe HERE if interested. Below the video is the website and contact information.

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REVIEW: Lord Nut Levington – El Cheddarales peanuts

This is our 2nd review out of 6 for this spicy peanut company. Lord Nut Levington seems to be very creative with their flavors, and whether they succeed or not, I give them kudos for their attempts at a full range of spicy peanuts. After the first review where all 4 of the reviewers gave the Rebel Mary peanuts a 4 rating, I think we are off to a great start. Once again our nutty review team consists of Heynetboy, Dale Gilbert and the team of Mike & Jen.

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