The Great Spicy Chicken Salad Challenge

Who can turn some chicken into something extraordinary? Chicken Salad is pretty much a leftover meal that we often overlook. If you go into some gourmet delis you can find some top notch chicken salads that will completely wow you. I have made some slight spicy variations over the years, and have not reached Nirvana yet. So I am going to sponsor the very 1st Spicy Chicken Salad Challenge at the Annual Fiery Food Show at the North Market in Columbus, Ohio for President’s Day Weekend. The kick here is that it will not be an amateur contest, it will be for the Vendors only who attend the show to sell their goods. These culinary whizs do not get to compete too often against each other outside of the ILIS Feast Your Eyes on This Spicy Cooking Challenge, which will be back for another year on March 6th, 2013 (FREE PLUG). Send me an email for contestant info if interested. Only 8-10 spots open.

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