Crazy Spicy World

by The Chile Beast


Hello there I’m Jason Reilly , a hardcore chilehead and foodie known as “Chile Beast” on YouTube with over 20k subscribers watching my spicy products and challenge videos. I have a passion for delicious flavorful and spicy cuisine made fresh and eaten with people you love and care about. I have always enjoyed connecting with people of different cultures especially Thai and Laotian. You may think you know all there is to Thai cuisine, but that’s like a foreigner saying that just because they ate at McDonald’s they had a true representation of American food. Just as in America were every region of this great country of ours has its own unique dishes so does Thailand. So I will be including my experiences with these dishes and the recipes so that you can cook them for yourself. I will also be including my opinion on many of the wrong myths about the dangers of eating spicy foods and also how I have been able to increase my tolerance. Thank you and welcome to my crazy spicy world.
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