Heartbreaking Dawns on CNBC’s new Crowd Rules show

Crowd Rules with Johnny McLaughlin

Heartbreaking Dawns will be competing on CNBC’s Premier Episode of Crowd Rules. It airs Tuesday, May 14th at 9PM EST. Tune in and see what happens. Below is a sneak peek on the first episode in which Johnny appears, plus video too.

About Crowd Rules:
Each week, “Crowd Rules” features three small businesses that compete in front of an audience of 100 that votes to decide who wins a much-needed $50,000 prize. Entrepreneur and jewelry designer Kendra Scott, TV Newsman Pat Kiernan, along with a weekly guest industry expert, lead the examination of the small businesses in order to help a studio audience choose which company wins the $50,000. While the small business owners make their case to the panel of three, the real power lies in the hands of the audience – 97 strong – whose votes will ultimately decide which business is most deserving of the investment.

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