REVIEW: Feisty Parrot – Demented Canary

feisty parrot


Feisty Parrot was created, is owned and operated by a husband and wife team, David and Tracey Gunn, spearheaded by a cantankerous macaw and his two fickle sidekicks!

Both David and Tracey have a passion for the creative, cooking being one of these. David has enjoyed a lifetime love affair with all things spicy, the hotter the better. In fact what would bring normal human beings to their knees is merely just a satisfyingly slight tingle for David!

He has always tinkered with making all natural hot sauces using fresh peppers . After a trip to Cayman in 2010 where he discovered ghost pepper chicken wings, and never having met a pepper before that made his eyes go bloodshot, he became obsessed with adding superhots to his grow list and making hot sauces out of them.

Whilst looking for a job in April 2013, Dave decided to bottle his ghost/ scorpion hot sauce (now known as Savage Beast), put his business card on the bottle and hand it out to potential leads. At the same time Tracey complained that the Savage Beast was too hot for her, being a nice husband, Dave indulged her ‘Pansy like tolerance’ and they went back into the kitchen to develop what is now known as Demented Canary.

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