REVIEW: Tabanero Hot Sauce Picante

Tabanero Hot Sauce Picante

Let us get this out of the way first and foremost, Tabanero has no connection in anyway with the infamous Tabasco hot sauce or the McIlhenny family whom created it. Tabanero was named after the state of Tabasco, Mexico from which it is made and the habanero pepper. Combining the two words: Tabasco + Habanero = Tabanero. Ta Da! We assembled a team for this review and they are HairyZona’s own and cartoonist Derrick Wood, the Virginia couple Alex and Lauren, the Schobergs, and from the swamps of Louisiana and, the one and only Ken Alexander. Before we get to their reviews, let us educate you a little background for Tabanero Hot Sauce.

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REVIEW: Lucky Dog Hot Sauce – Orange Label Hot Fire-Roasted Pepper Sauce

3 - Orange Label Hot Fire-Roasted Pepper Sauce

This is our 3rd and final review for Lucky Dog Hot Sauce. So far on the first 2 reviews of the medium and mild versions of these fire-roasted pepper hot sauces, Lucky Dog has hit some amazing review scores. Two perfect 5 flaming heart scores and a nearly perfect 4 1/2 score for the 1st review of the medium Red Label and the Green Label did pretty darn good too with two 4 1/2 and a 4 with the 4th reviewer giving both sauces a very good 3 1/2 score too. Will the Orange Label hotter version be as successful with our review team? Only time will tell. Our review team consists of Steve “2Hot2Eat” Smith, Revtommy2tone and his partner Rick Averyt, and last but not least, Derrick Wood. To see the first 2 reviews click on each name below:

1- Red Label
2- Green Label

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REVIEW: Lucky Dog Hot Sauce – Green Label Mild Fire-Roasted Pepper Sauce

2 - Green Label Mild Fire-Roasted Pepper Sauce

We are at our 2nd review for Lucky Dog Hot Sauce. The first one was for their Red Label Medium Fire-Roasted Pepper Sauce. The main difference between these two hot sauces is the habanero which is not present in this jalapeno & serrano pepper blend. Hence the reason we go from medium to mild in the heat level. Mind you though there are plenty of people out there that consider jalapeno and serrano peppers medium, so to each their own. The Red label got awesome reviews including 2 perfect and 1 nearly perfect scores from 3 out of our 4 reviewers. Will this one live to the lofty expectations of it’s brother? One has to watch to find out. Our review team once again is Revtommy2tone and his bud Crimsonsteel which might be shedding that monicker for his real alter ego Rick Averyt. Plus we have Derrick Wood and Steve “2Hot2Eat” Smith.

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REVIEW: Lucky Dog Hot Sauce – Red Label Medium Fire-Roasted Pepper Sauce

1- Red Label - Medium Fire-Roasted Pepper Sauce

From the age of 5 all the way until I was 21, I had a dog named Lucky. I loved my dog very much, and when you grow up with a dog that many years he is more than family, more than your protector, he truly is your best friend. You can see that 16 years went by, and in dog years that is 112 years old. So in reading about Lucky Dog Hot Sauce as you will see below, their company is named after their beloved dog named Lucky. So right there I am rooted for positive reviews from our team. Lucky Dog Hot Sauce presently has 3 styles, starting with the red label which is their medium fire-roasted which a balanced blend of habanero, serrano and jalapeno peppers. Next week we will review their green label which is their mild version of fire-roasted chiles, but the cayenne pepper replaces the habanero. Then in week 3 we will review their last hot sauce, the orange label which is their hot fire-roasted chile version using cayenne, jalapeno, serrano and a heavy dose of orange habanero to kick it up a notch to three. They are in the process of making an even hotter version they will call their black label which will be an extra hot, extra garlic sauce.

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REVIEW: Apinya Thai Chili Sauce

Apinya Thai Chile Sauce

I think it is really cool when you get to setup a review for a local company that contacts you and not the other way around. In the town in between my home and work, Apinya Thai Chili Sauce company resides in Herndon, VA. I was happy to oblige Adam Ross the creator. I want to congratulate Adam on the big win at the Fiery Food Challenge at Zestfest 2013 with their first Golden Chile Award for Hot Sauce: Asian-Style – Consumer Ready category. You know you made it big time when you can snatch up one of those bad boys. So what makes this Asian sauce so special?

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REVIEW: Palmetto Pepper Potions – Larynx Lava & Molten Golden

Larynx LavaMolten Golden

I am combining the last 2 reviews with Palmetto Pepper Potions as they are both solo reviews. I have never been a fan of solo reviews for one reason, and that is if the reviewer doesn’t like the product then there is no other voice we can turn to other than the maker who is trying to defend their product. I trust my reviewers, I just like the support system the multiple review has built in. With that said, the last 2 reviews we did for Palmetto Pepper Potions had 2 reviewers attached to them. In the first review we had Dale Gilbert and Derrick Wood reviewing the Daily Red. Then in review #2 we turned to Jacob Robertson and Dale Gilbert for their Trenholm Venom. For these reviews we have Derrick Wood reviewing the Larynx Lava and Jacob Robertson with their Molten Golden.

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REVIEW: Palmetto Pepper Potions – Trenholm Venom hot sauce

Trenholm Venom

This is our 2nd of 4 product reviews for Palmetto Pepper Potions. The first review was for their Daily Red hot sauce which was reviewed by Dale Gilbert and Derrick Wood and can be seen HERE. This review we have Dale again and his cohort is Jacob Robertson.
A little about this sauce as taken from their website:

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REVIEW: Palmetto Pepper Potions – Daily Red hot sauce

This is not going to be like our usual 3 person reviews, although we have 3 reviewers setup for the Palmetto Potions’ reviews. We have 4 of the Palmetto Pepper Potions that were sent out to us from Reid Edgar of who sells their products. He wanted people new to the world of hot sauce to hear about a multiple award winning company dating back to 2005. Not a long time for most of us, but since the love of fiery foods has grown by leaps and bounds in popularity over the last few years Reid thought it would be a good idea to re-introduce people to Palmetto Pepper Potions. Creators Mark and Julie Riffle have earned 12 international awards in the world’s top fiery foods competitions in both the Golden Chile and Scovie awards. What makes this review different is that we spread out the 4 potions if you will to 3 of our reviewers. Daily Red in this review will be done by Derrick Wood and Dale Gilbert. In the next one, Trenholm Venom, we have Jacob Robertson and again with Dale Gilbert. The 3rd and 4th review we have Derrick with the Larynx Lave and Jacob with the Molten Golden. Why only one? Well, these are their 2 big award winners and I think confidence in these two sauces was high enough to go with just the 1 reviewer. Not the way we usually do things, but I didn’t make that call, so hopefully our review team with live up to their confidence. Before we get to the review, let us tell you a little about these potion makers.

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REVIEW: Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings – Chipotle Habanero

After a small delay we have come to our final review for Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings. They gave us 4 different Bloody Mary Seasonings and 2 of their Rim Spots. Below this paragraph you can click onto any of the reviews and catch how much our team adored these products. I would like to thank Demitri for allowing us to review his creations, and wish him much success in the near future. It looks like you have very good products that I would recommend to any Bloody Mary lover. I saw them on our good friends over at as well if you are doing any shopping for the holidays and want more than one company. If you want to support Demitri and buy direct, all the information is below the reviews. Once again we have Dale Gilbert, Fiber Joe who makes something very special with the seasoning, and round it up with Derrick Wood.

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REVIEW: Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings – Chilies & Peppers

We are back with another Bloody Mary review for Demitri’s. Sorry we did not deliver as promised with a 2 week intermission since the last review. Yet, I think with the holidays fast approaching, what better to celebrate or give a gift than one of the best Bloody Mary mixes we have ever reviewed. You will see how much Fiber Joe and Dale loved this by their reviews as they went way past the Bloody Mary drink to sample this stuff using the recipes provided. Derrick didn’t care for this particular seasoning, but that is why we do multiple person reviews folks, to get a lot of feedback because everyone has different tastes. Please check the reviews out if you are a Bloody Mary fan, you will not be disappointed.

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REVIEW: Demitri’s Rim Shots (Bacon!!!)

We have reviewed 2 of Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings over the last 2 weeks, and because of some computer problems we are skipping the next seasoning and going with a review by Derrick Wood on Demitri’s Rim Shot & Bacon Rim Shot which are salt rimmers for drinks. I have never heard of a bacon version before these reviews. Fiber Joe and Dale Gilbert, the other 2 reviews have included their thoughts on the Rim Shots along with their other reviews, sampling them as they go. Derrick wanted to do a separate review, so this is what we have. The first video is the original one just called Demitri’s Rim Shot, and the 2nd- and I am sure the one most people will watch- is the Bacon Rim Shot. The last 2 Bloody Mary Seasoning reviews have been big hits, so you might want to check them out if you are a true Bloody Mary fan.

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REVIEW: Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings – Extra Horseradish

Does the idea of extra horseradish excite you my Chilehead Brothers and Sisters? What about a good tasting Bloody Mary mix? How about the combination of the two? A Bloody Mary with that extra horsey kick you always wanted in your tomatoey potion. In comes Demitri with the answer to your prayers. Is it a success like their Classic Recipe we unveiled last week? Our videos will unfold the answer to that question. Check out the 1st review HERE and see what the fuss is all about.

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REVIEW: Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings – Classic Recipe

I love when we do different types of spicy products with our reviewers. Since is that type of product, and by the sound of the reviews this company might be the next great thing in Bloody Mary Mixes. Besides this Bloody Mary mix, we have 4 others that we will be posting over the next few weeks – Extra Horseradish, Chilies & Peppers, and Chipotle-Habanero. Along with that you will hear a little about their 2 rim salts they call “Rim Shots”, one with Bacon and the other with a spiced blend to accent the Bloody Mary mixes. I gave the reviewers some freedom in how they wish to review the Rim Shots, so you will get some feedback as we go with how they work with the Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings.

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REVIEW: Tropical Spices – Pacific Burn Hot Sauce

This is our 3rd review for Tropical Spices. The good people behind Tropical Spices wanted us to do 2 of their sauces with a set of 3 reviewers and 1 other sauce with another set of 3. The first one was for their hottest product, Flamin’ Phantom hot sauce which you can see HERE. Next we did their Calypso Sauce which got pretty high marks from 2 of our reviewers and you can see that HERE. Now we have their Pacific Burn hot sauce which uses Thai chiles to capture a sauce made for some Asian cuisine. Our reviewers for this review are Mike & Jen, Derrick Wood & Xero.

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