REVIEW: Sweet Heat Gourmet – Sinclair’s Fatalii

Sinclair's Fatalii Hot Sauce

We have 3 products to review for this Central Pennsylvania sauce company, and upon doing this first review I got a bit of an education. I thought the good people of Sweet Heat Gourmet got the spelling wrong for their fatalii pepper hot sauce. I was under the impression that this chile pepper was correctly spelled thusly as fatali. In my search, I found no such spelling on wikipedia, only under fatalii. Yet, there is spellings for both throughout the world, and who am I to argue with which way is correct. Much like chile, chili, and/or chilli pepper is spelt all 3 ways, I even found spellings for this pepper as faatali and fatalli. Each day of our lives is a new lesson. School is over, now let us get to our review.

Our review team consists of Texas boy Don Lava, Tennessee’s own, Dale Gilbert and the boys from Bama, RevTommy2tone & his pepper partner Rick Averyt. Next week we will be reviewing Sweet Heat Gourmet’s Pineapple & Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce and finish up with their Moruga Hot Sauce the week after that. Before we get to this review, let us learn a little about Sweet Heat Gourmet as told by their creator, Micelle “Shellie” Mierwald…

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