REVIEW: Firefood – Inferno Trinidad Scorpion Tomato Sauce

Product Line

“This stuff is hurt ya hot,” J-Bru says in his review. I got a nice chuckle at that. We have done 3 reviews for the company simply named, Firefood over the last 3 weeks, and the heat has steadily increased in each of their products. This tomato sauce as you can see has fresh Trinidad Scorpion chile peppers, and it is certainly bringing the heat to our review team. Is it too much heat? We shall tell you in their videos. Our review team consists of Ken Alexander, Jacob Robertson, and J-Bru aka Josh Bruner. This will be Josh’s last review for ILoveItSpicy as he is moving on to do bigger and better things. In his short time with ILIS, Josh has brought a nice take on the products he reviews. I just love the way he adds in small pics representing each and every ingredient as he reads them off. He will be missed, and will be welcome back with open arms if he ever chooses to do so. Good luck J-Bru!

I would also like to thank Elaine from Firefood for letting us highlight her products on ILIS and give our candid take on them. It looks like you are bringing some uniqueness to the community with products that aren’t presently there as far as I know. You can see the list of their product line, and the spicy panko crumbs is definitely something I have never seen before. Kudos to you for that. I wish you the very best with Firefood, and much success to you from here on out.

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REVIEW: Firefood – Burn 9 Pepper Seasoning

Burn 9 Pepper Seasoning

We are back with our 3rd product review out of 4, and to continue the trend of different type of spicy products we head to the spice rack for this one. A 9 chile pepper blend of spicy goodness to sprinkle on your food and add to your recipes for that extra zip. In the 4th and last review next week we will finish it off with Firefood’s Inferno Tomato Sauce, which will be the hottest of their 4 products we reviewed. Our review team once again is Ken Alexander, Jacob Robertson, and J-Bru. To see their other unique spicy product reviews for Firefood, click below:

1- Spicy Chipotle Apple Butter
2- Fiery Hot Red Pepper Relish

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REVIEW: Firefood – Fiery Hot Red Pepper Relish

Fiery Hot Red Pepper Relish

We are back with our 2nd of 4 spicy product reviews for the company simple known as Firefood. We started with a spicy product we have never reviewed before on ILIS, apple butter. Specifically, Spicy Chipotle Apple Butter. It was a pretty good start for them, receiving two 4’s and one 3 from our review squad of Ken Alexander, Jacob Robertson, and J-Bru. So now we go from Apple Butter to Pepper Relish. How will these sweet habanero pepper relish fare with our team? Let us find out…

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REVIEW: Firefood – Spicy Chipotle Apple Butter

Spicy Chipotle Apple Butter

We have 4 different spicy products from the good people of Firefood to review for you over the next 4 weeks. Each product is different from each other. We start with this apple butter, then to a pepper relish, then to a spicy seasoning blend, and finish off with a fiery tomato sauce. Each review will be much hotter than the previous one. We encourage you to check out all the unique spicy products from Firefood. There is something there for every chilehead. Our review team for these reviews will be Ken Alexander, Jacob Robertson, and J-Bru. Before we get to the review, let us get a rundown about this company from one of the owners, Elaine Baird.

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