2017 NYC Hot Sauce Expo

If you have ever went to a football game, whether it be college or the NFL, you just do not go for the game. You go for the whole entertainment package. You go for the tailgating experience hours before. You go to be with friends and/or family. You go for the entertainment that the stadium brings, whether it be the halftime show, the cheerleaders, the horns and whistles of the home team getting the fans ramped up in every way, shape and form. This is the game day experience. When I go to the NYC Hot Expo, I go for the whole enchilada. This Saturday and Sunday, April 22-23, 2017, I come for the party.

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NYC Hot Sauce Expo Preview

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Just in case you did not notice the Ticklemaster part of the above ticket, it is fake. There is no ticket for $499.99, so please do not panic! The time to panic is when you enter one of the many scheduled events at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo. Such as the Puckerbutt Guinness Book of World Records Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper pepper eating record for 1 minute. A slight change from last year’s 3 pepper eating and done display. That will end the show on Sunday.

Then there is our 3rd Annual Fiery Pizza Eating Contest co-sponsored with our friends at Volcanic Peppers and the infamous Grimaldi’s Pizzeria. Each contestant will get a Volcanically Enhanced Grimaldi’s pizza that they have to eat in a pre-determined amount of time. The first one finished or eats the most will be declared the winner and get this beautiful trophy…

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Volcanic Peppers & Grimaldi’s Fiery Pizza Challenge

Fiery Pizza Trophy 2 angles

For the 2nd year in a row at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo, ILoveItSpicy & Volcanic Peppers joined in with the infamous Grimaldi’s Pizzeria for an incredible, edible spicy pizza eating contest. With a little help from our friends at Puckerbutt Pepper Company we were able to obtain a camera from their documentary reporter, Jeff Howlett. Thank you very much Ed Currie and Jeff for your kind contribution. On top of that, we got some help from Ken Alexander of www.FieryWorld.com, who took the time to get behind the camera and film the contest. The crowd was great and got really into it. If you wish to purchase the Italian Spice we used in making these ultra hot pizzas, then head on over to the Volcanic Peppers website.

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