Interview with Dave Hirschkop of Dave’s Gourmet

This is an interview I did back on July 2011 with the great Dave Hirschkop. For those not in the know, he is the maker of the infamous Dave’s Insanity Sauce. Dave is now being going to be inducted into the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame this Saturday April 25th, 2015 at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo. I have the extreme honor to introduce Dave at the ceremony. So I figure why not dig up the old interview and share it with those of you that have never seen it. My apologies for talking way too much. No I am not on speed or any other drugs. That is just me babbling as I normally do. I was not prepared for the interview, and you can tell by my questions, I was truly winging it. Bear with those issues, as Dave shares much with me over the course of the interview. Thanks to Dave for giving me the time.

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25th annual Fiery Food Show – Fiber Joe interviews Dragon Breath Sauce

Dragon Breath Sauce

The Fiber One interviewed over 20 vendors at the Fiery Food Show weekend, and we will be spreading them out over the weeks to come. Joe continues with Christin of Dragon’s Breath Sauce and their hot sauce called “The Boss”. Not just a decent or average hot sauce, but an “awesome” hot sauce. They started up the company this past Septemeber, so they are brand, spankin’ new. Let me tell you that this sauce rocks. This was the only bottle I bought at the show to use at the show. I brought it with me to Fiber Joe’s house for his chilehead taco gathering. I was so wowed by it on Fiber Joe’s carne asada that when I got home I bought 3 bottles. At $8/bottle it is way too high, but if you buy 3 bottles it comes with free shipping, so I thought it was very worth while at that point. I would plead with Christin to find a way to bring that cost down for single bottles. You have to find a way to get people to try it, and $8 is not comparable to what other companies charge – $5 to $6.

Despite all that said about the price, let me tell you I bought the 3 bottles when I got home and finished off the 1st bottle within 2 days atop stuffed peppers. This is definitely a hot sauce that will be in my permanent rotation. With over 400 fiery products in my house, that says a lot about this product. If you like a tomato-based hot sauce with that roasted habanero flavor, you MUST buy this sauce. So on with Fiber Joe’s interview with Christin…

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