REVIEW: The Murph’s Famous Bloody Mary Mix – PART 2

Murph's Famous

In January we setup The Murph’s Famous Bloody Mary Mix for review with 3 reviewers, but none of them were hardcore lover’s of that style of drink mix. Yet despite that, the reviews were very positive for this product. You can check those reviews out HERE and learn a little background about this Murph guy. It is rather an entertaining story about an entertaining man who makes one great Bloody Mary Mix. So why are we back with another set of 3 reviewers? Well, The Murph wanted to ask 3 Bloody Mary fans what they thought since they had something to compare it to unlike our inexperienced team from the first review. So we put that team together. For this review we have Jerret Ulmer, John & Julia Huber, and The Schobergs. I think they all get together in the theme for our website, and it is that they all love it spicy. Let us get right to those new reviews then…

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REVIEW: Turbana Plantain Chips – Chili Lime Flavored

Turbana Chips chili lime

We are back with our second and last review for the Turbana Plantain Chips. You can read all about the first review of their Chili Flavored style HERE We explain all about the plantain and some information about the healthy alternative to other snack foods. The plantain looks like a banana and the chips look similar to potato chips. I grew up having them, and I do like them when they are salted just enough. I am interested after our last review to try these out. I know I can get them at a Whole Foods a little ways away, so I am going to have to take a drive one week to get me some.

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REVIEW: Turbana Plantain Chips – Chili Flavored

Turbana Chips chili

We have ourselves a spicy snack review. This is a first for us though since we never did any plantain reviews. If you are not familar with plantains, they are like bananas, but even if they resemble bananas in the look inside and out they taste much like a potato chip when fried. There are other uses of the plantain, but we are not here to discuss those other options. I have had these style of plantain chips since I was a little tyke. A little salt goes a long way for my tastes. Our review team have been given 2 styles, this chili one and a chili lime variety. We will review the chili lime one next week. I do not think eith of these chips are considered to be too spicy, but we hope the flavor is well worth the purchase because plantains are considered a much healthy alternative snack food to those that often capture our attention.

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REVIEW: CurrySimple Massaman Thai Curry Sauce

We are finally at our last review for CurrySimple and their Thai Curry sauces. We have done the spicy Green and Red, then the Mild Yellow, and now is the Massaman which is their sweet style of Thai curry sauce. The reviews have been solid, and being this product is one of my favorites in the industry and I am proud to be getting the word out to the chilehead community once and for all about them. I have never tried this one nor the Yellow deciding to choose the spicy ones instead, so the review has my interest. I would like to thank Reid from for helping set this review up with CurrySimple. I wish they the best in the pursuit for success. Please try them out if you like Thai food. It is easy to make now with these products. To check out the other 2 reviews, including our special guest and author Michael Hultquist aka Mike from Madness who reviewed their entire product line in the first set of reviews. He gave all the CurrySimple sauces a

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REVIEW: CurrySimple Yellow Mild Thai Curry Sauce

Sure we are ILoveItSpicy and not ILoveItMild, but we are doing CurrySimple’s entire product Thai Curry sauce line and it happens to include 2 that aren’t spicy. We have all ready done their Hot versions with their Green and Red sauces, and next week we will do their sweet version. Our guest reviewer, Mike from Madness (Michael Hultquist) reviewed all the products at once and gave the whole product line a positive 3 1/2 Flaming Hearts –
I too love CurrySimple, but never tried this mild version, so after watching Jerret’s and Matt’s feedback, I am eager to add this one on my must try list. If you are a fan of Thai food and looking for an easy meal, then you might want to give CurrySimple a try as well.

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REVIEW: CurrySimple Red Thai Curry Sauce

This is our second review out of four for CurrySimple Thai Curry Sauces. We reviewed their Green Thai Curry Sauce last week. Both the red and green are their version of spicy hot curry. Our special guest reviewer, recipe chile pepper author extraordinaire, Michael Hultquist, aka Mike from Madness, did all 4 curry sauces at once. Comparing them to each other by using the same recipe – a delicious shrimp and veggie dish – Michael gave all the sauces a 3 1/2 flaming heart review. To see that review and the others by Jerret and Matt please CLICK HERE. Next week we will review the CurrySimple Yellow Mild Thai Curry Sauce, then their Massaman Sweet Curry Sauce.

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REVIEW: Big Red’s God Wrath Ghost Pepper Sauce

This is our 3rd and last review for Big Red’s Hot Sauces. This Arizona hot sauce company uses the habanero flavor as their main ingredient in all their sauces, and in this ghost pepper version it still is prominent, but the ghost pepper is used to raise the heat level. The reviews for the first 2 sauces have been for the most part pretty decent save for one review. This sauce gets the best average with our review team. Please check out the other reviews and see what they have to offer.

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REVIEW: CurrySimple Green Thai Curry Sauce

A few years back I went to my first DC Metropolitan Food & Entertainment Show, and it was there that I ran into this company called CurrySimple. They were serving up a few of their Thai curry sauces on a small sample of rice. I was immediately impressed and wanted to try another flavor and then I stood around wanting their whole product line. I bought some at the show, and have been purchasing some online off and on for the past few years. They have hooked themselves up with to sell their products online. They sent us the sauces to review, and since they sell other products, we will be reviewing some others in the near future as well. SnazzyGourmet sent us 4 of the CurrySimple Thai Curry Sauces – Green, Red, Yellow, and Massaman. Both the Green and Red are their spicy Thai curry sauces while the Yellow is their mild, and the Massaman is their sweet Thai curry sauce.

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REVIEW: Big Red’s – Smokey Habanero

This is our second out of three hot sauce reviews for Big Red’s Hot Sauce, a company out of Phoenix, Arizona. Our review team is Matt Bauhaus, Jerret Ulmer, and Ken Alexander. The first review for Big Red’s Garden Habanero received the same exact score from all 3 of our reviewers. I do not remember that ever happening before. At any rate, 3 1/2 flaming hearts out of 5 is quite respectable. Will this Smokey Habanero get the same respect? You will have to watch and find out.

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REVIEW: Big Red’s Hot Sauce – Garden Habanero

We got ourselves a hot sauce out of the Phoenix, Arizona area. The south being an ever-growing mecca for hot sauce it is always nice to see what a company can deliver that is different than all the other offerings out there. Big Red’s Hot Sauce aka Seed Time & Harvest, LLC sent us 3 products for review. Besides this Garden Habanero, we also have a Smokey Habanero and God’s Wrath Ghost Pepper Sauce. They aren’t even tinkering with the weaker chiles like the jalapeno and serrano peppers. For this review we have a couple of new reviewers making their debut with us. First we have Jerret Ulmer of whose partner John will make a separate debut at a later date. Next we have Matt Bauhaus with his own chile blog Finally we have the one and only Ken Alexander with his own blog rounding out our team.

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