Bill Moore’s Hot & Spicy Reviews – Dec. ’15

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Hot & Spicy Products to Enjoy During the Holidays!

Bill Moore

Hello fellow chileheads and lovers of all things hot & spicy! In last month’s Chilehead Newsletter Al told us about a couple of products he recommends during the holidays. This month I thought it would be the perfect time to share a few products I’ve discovered recently that would be great to have around during the holidays. These are the type of products that work equally well with your holiday dishes including meats, main dishes, and desserts as well.

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FundAnything: Madison Chocolatiers West

Madison Chocolatiers West

I scream, you scream, we all scream for………Chocolate!!!! Okay, I know that the rhyme ends with ice cream, but we both know it should end with chocolate! Who doesn’t love chocolate – rich and creamy, as soothing for a stressful day as it is smooth on the tongue. It is the elixir of love, the recipe for relaxation, and the source of smiles for young and old around the world!

Madison Chocolatiers West, a small company specializing in producing creative chocolates and confections, is the labor of love for Renee Rohrbach and Chef Ricky Sanders. Their national and international award winning recipes push the envelope of creativity and flavor, using only the best ingredients in crazily unique ways! From Dark Chocolate Tangerine Truffles to Chile Pepper and Bacon infused Butter Toffee, Ricky and Renee paint your palate with flavor and fun. They even have a wonderful creation using a Szechuan flower to enhance the flavor! And it comes with instructions!

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