Foods That Scare Me – CaJohns Mongoose

“Foods That Scare Me” is an ongoing series where I attempt to tackle the upper echelon of the extremely fiery. I eat stupid-hot extract sauces and products made with LOTS the naga bhut jolokias and hottest habaneros, right on camera for the comedic benefit of all you at home. Will they make me cry, cough, hiccup, drool and drip snot everywhere? Will I wimp out and run to the freezer for ice cream to extinguish the fire?

For this installment I take on a tablespoon of CaJohns Mongoose hot sauce. Clocking in a couple of million Scoville Heat Units, it’s one of the scorching-est extract sauces out there and definitely one of the hottest CaJohns has to offer.

I have NO glass of milk at the ready, but can I make it through this nine minute video without stopping and running for a dairy product to soothe the burn?

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