2nd Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo

2014 NYC Hot Sauce Expo poster

Building on the success and momentum of last year’s Expo, Steve Seabury of High River Sauces is working very hard to elevate his baby to a whole new level. From last year’s outdoor event in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to the indoor confines of the Penn Plaza Pavilion right next to the infamous Penn Station in New York City. With a bigger venue, comes bigger expectations, but Steve Seabury seems up to the task with major spots lined up for the week. Highlighted by NBC Nightly News at 7pm on Thursday March 27 & CBS This Morning Show Saturday Morning at 8am. Pulling all his media connections together Steve has the print media, Radio and TV entertainment world covered. If you look at how well the first year went, then the 2nd year is bound to be an event for the ages.

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Grimaldi’s Pizzeria: The Making of Volcanic Peppers’ Fiery Pizza


On my way up to the NYC Hot Sauce Expo my first stop was to visit Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn. My intent was to do an interview with the owner or manager and give a little insight on the Volcanic Peppers’ Fiery Pizza Challenge we were going to do at the Expo. Unfortunately the owner was too busy, the manager got sick, and so the next person up the pizza hierarchy was Ralph who admitted to me was a lover of spicy food. So I was happy with that exchange. What I did not prepare myself for was that they wanted to make me one of the fiery pizzas for our challenge. They broke down the spice in 11 equal amounts, 10 for the contestants and 1 trial and error pizza for yours truly. I filmed the entire process so you can see how they put together one of the great pizzas known to man.

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NYC Hot Sauce Expo – Lisa Seabury’s Bartending Class

High River Sauces’ Lisa Seabury showed off her bartending skills and shared it with some of the lucky in the VIP area of this special event. The video sound isn’t the best because of all the activity, so you can barely hear Lisa talk about her spicy concoctions. Which are all made with the High River Sauces by the way. I hope you enjoy what little you can hear. When we are inside next year and perhaps have some microphone setup, it will be much better to videotape. So enjoy the spicy cocktail stylings of Lisa Seabury…

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Steve Seabury on Good Morning America

High River Sauces Live on Good Morning America

Steve Seabury owner of High River Sauces, showcases his awarding winning hot sauces on America’s number one rated morning show Good Morning America on ABC. In the New York Times Square studio Seabury shares some of his spiciest creations with the shows hosts; Josh, Sam and Lara. During the featured live telecast they discussed the unique ingredients used in his artisan hot sauces, his Simon & Schuster released cookbook titled Mosh Potatoes and the ROGUE Hot Sauce tasting session that has fans socializing this segment as one of the most viewed and funniest GMA interviews on the shows official website.

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NYC Hot Sauce Expo: Recap & Screaming Mi Mi Awards

NYC Hot Sauce Expo toon

I had a humbling realization driving my way home. Steve Seabury made an event in a manner of a few months that would rival any of the other spicy festivals currently out there. Just some guy from Long Island who has a small hot sauce company, who loves this industry and community so much, that he is driven to the point to prove those naysayers out there wrong. He was determined that this show would be big, would be a success and his Screaming Mi Mi awards would mean as much as those that are all ready out there. That really isn’t my humbling realization though, that is just facts I am throwing out to you. My humility comes from the vantage point that I want to help too in some way, but my blog, the other chile blogs are meaningless to the success of a show. We might add a few people to the overall numbers, but the impact is infinitesimal in the scope of things. The means to the end comes down to the event planner. Steve and his partner Ari put together a show that drew a crowd in windy and chilly conditions on the first day that I was shocked to see.

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NYC Hot Sauce Expo Pics


I will recap when I am home tomorrow. I have videos to share, but a lot of editing to do before that happens. I just got home, and have to be up for work in a few hours, so I wanted to share something from the show. I will say this, the show was a HUGE success, and Steve Seabury of High River Sauces has to be very proud of what he accomplished this weekend. Next year, there will be a bigger venue, inside instead of outside, and it will be in NYC instead of Brooklyn, so the excitement will be even bigger. Something for you people that could not get to the show this year. Okay enjoy the pics. I wish I had more from the Volcanic Peppers’ Fiery Pizza Challenge, but I will have some videos, and have some pics from Grimaldi’s too as you can see.

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2013 NYC Hot Sauce Expo: Sneak Peak


High River Sauces hosts the 1st Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo and folks for a first time show, Steve Seabury who is the man behind the event is doing a bang-up job promoting the thing. This week they have been doing media relations with SiriusXM Satellite Radio, NY Time, NY Daily News, NY Post and get a load of this, Good Morning America! That is just for starters. I do not remember any hot sauce related event doing this much media to rival what this show is doing presently. We expect the Food Network, the Cooking Channel, Food & Wine Magazine, the Village Voice, and a host of other media outlets to be attending the show. I do not think I felt this much buzz leading up to a show before. I am honestly very excited and there are a couple of personal reasons why.

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2013 New York City Hot Sauce Expo

NYC Skyline Pic

Just when you think NYC couldn’t get any better. Now the city just got hotter with the first New York City Hot Sauce Expo. This will be a celebration of the city’s culturally diverse love of all things spicy and hot. The festivities start the weekend of April 20th and 21st from 10 AM to 6 PM EST at one of Brooklyn’s most renowned areas overlooking the Island of Manhattan.

East River State Park
Factory on Kent
110 Kent Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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