Kickstarter Campaign: Patter Fam Sauces

Patter Fam's new wing sauce Kickstarter

Sam & Joyce Peters are trying to start a little fundraiser through which allows companies to raise money on their site. The way it works is the company sets up a goal with a deadline. The company offers incentives to anyone willing to pledge at different money levels. So people that give money also get something in return for their pledge. If the company meets their goal, the credit or debit card is charged. If the company fails to meet their goal by the set deadline, then they get nothing, and none of the pledges will be charged anything and the transaction is null and void.

Sam was in our Feast Your Eyes on This Spicy Cooking Challenge, and since he supported us, we are so happy to support his company in return. Hey, he makes good products, so we would’ve supported him anyway. I copied what Joyce posted earlier today. Please do check out their incentives, they are pretty good for what you will get just by pledging one of the $25 levels.

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