Chileheads Pro Football Pick ’em 2012

I have setup a fun Yahoo football pick’em league where each NFL week you pick who the winners of each game will be. Perhaps we will get some volunteers to donate some prizes or we might not. I just created this now, and we will see how it goes. 5 Rules to abide by:

1- You have to be a member of our Facebook Chileheads group page for the duration of the NFL season
2- You have to enter your name as people know you as, so if we do have prizes you will be able to collect on it. No fake names please.
3- This is meant to be fun and friendly, so any off-color remarks will get you booted from the league.
4- There is no spread, so all you have to do is get your picks in 5 minutes before the 1st game is played for each week.
5- Any ties will be broken by:
a) total of last 3 weeks
b) total of last 5 weeks
c) total of last 6 weeks
d) total of last 8 weeks
e) size of commissioner bribe

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