Fire Dawgs review Pineapple Smash Salsa – Mild, Medium & Hot

While working on the Houston Hot Sauce Festival Salsa Contest, I was searching through Facebook for salsa companies I had never heard of to tell them about it. Being a huge fan of pineapple, I instantly was attracted to the name “Pineapple Smash Salsa” upon my discovery. Before even reaching out to them about the contest, I decided to just order the salsa first. I had to have me some of their hot version. Boy was I not disappointed. In fact, I thought it was the best pineapple salsa I have ever had. Not to mention the salsa is not only thick and flavorful, at the end of the jar there is no juice or watery remains. Not sure how they keep the salsa so juicy and not have liquid floating at the bottom with pineapple as one of the main ingredients. This salsa is tomato-y and pineapple-y at the same time, but in no way overly sweet. I never got them in the salsa contest, but I think they really had a shot with no disrespect to the winners. Well, I had to reach out to them for a review at the very least with our Fire Dawgs. They agreed immediately and sent us their 3 different levels of heat- mild, medium & hot. Would this pineapple salsa be all hype on my part and no smash? One way to find out folks.

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