2017 NYC Hot Sauce Expo

If you have ever went to a football game, whether it be college or the NFL, you just do not go for the game. You go for the whole entertainment package. You go for the tailgating experience hours before. You go to be with friends and/or family. You go for the entertainment that the stadium brings, whether it be the halftime show, the cheerleaders, the horns and whistles of the home team getting the fans ramped up in every way, shape and form. This is the game day experience. When I go to the NYC Hot Expo, I go for the whole enchilada. This Saturday and Sunday, April 22-23, 2017, I come for the party.

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REVIEW: Puckerbutt Pepper Co. – I Dare You Stupit Hot Sauce

I Dare You Stupit Hot Sauce

Yesterday afternoon, I received an email from Puckerbutt Pepper Company founder, Ed Currie. In the subject line all it said was, “Wow”. I was hoping it was a good wow, but a part of me knew it could be a rejection notice from the people who decide the records at Guinness. Ed had told me that he has had a lot of hurdles and hoops to leap over and through, so it would not surprise me if he was denied or delayed again. That was not the wow. It was the opposite end of the wow spectrum. Ed had achieved the elite status with his Carolina Reaper chile pepper and it was now the hottest pepper in the world. The Guinness Book of World Records had finally put his Reaper on the highest of pepper pedestals. So it seems fitting that we post a review with a hot sauce featuring the Carolina Reaper, the new king of heat.

This review has been on the books since May, and frankly there was times I was wondering when we were going to post it. We were not waiting on the pepper record, we were waiting on our new reviewer, Slade, Demon Pepper Slayer. Slade had been stricken and hospitalized on numerous occasions dealing some rather heavy medical issues. Every time he would feel better, off he went again to the emergency room. He eventually told me to move on without him, and Ed and I added Fiber Joe into the reviews. As soon as Joe is ready with his first review, along comes Slade ready to get on board again. Now we have 4, and I am most happy that Slade is once again feeling better and to have his first ILIS review here today for us. Along with Fiber Joe and Slade, we also have Matt Bauhaus and ZZombie. We will review 3 more of Ed’s products over the next 3 weeks, including the I Dare You Stupit Mustard. Before we get to the reviews, here is a little about the new World Record Chile Grower, Ed Currie…

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Puckerbutt for Snowdrop Foundation Collectible Bottles

Puckerbutt for Snowdrop signed bottles

For Ed Currie of the Puckerbutt Pepper Company:

“At the Houston Hot sauce show, I had a bunch of people sign a case of I Dare You Stupit sauce to raise (money). The people who signed are CaJohn, Vic Clinco, James Wreck, Ted Barrus, Brad Bishop, Brannon Deobolt, Fiber Joe, Tim Bader, Jim Duffy, some guy named Buddha(Buddah), and myself. How much would you pay for that? How much you pay knowing that ALL the proceeds with go to the Snowdrop Foundation for cancer patients? We are going to sell them on Ebay at Puckerbuttpeppercompany as the seller. All 12 bottles, including the one that Average Joe messed up, are up at auction right now!”

Here is the main link to all the auctions: CLICK ME Do be a part of helping out Children with Cancer and the Snowdrop Foundation. Read a little about their mission statement…

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Can hot peppers knock out cancer?

puckerbutt banner

Our very own chilehead friend and hot sauce maker, Ed Currie of Puckerbutt Pepper Company got some face time on CBS in an interview to talk about his Carolina Reaper and his belief that Capsaicin (pepper extract) can be the way to defeat Cancer cells. You might see a familiar face or two along the way, so watch closely. This is a big time media opportunity for Ed and his Puckerbutt Pepper Company. You can see his web banner on the left side of the page.

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